Nov 18, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and you know what that means, right ;) Also I am really on time this week *hahaha* Gotta make up for the weeks when I was to late in posting my 7 things ^^" So lets start~

1. Watched Disney's The Beauty and the Beast again after a pretty long time. I still love that movie as dearly as 20 years ago *_*

2. Went shopping with one of my Japanese colleagues and had a really great time. Also found the latest LE by Essence...that I will talk about soon..ish xD

3. Went to the 1st Bookblogger regular table in was really really nice to meet new people who love books as much as I do...although I was really nervous that nobody would talk to me let alone like me x"D Thanks to my cute Nezumi for encouraging me <3

4. Started with another "diet"...well, not actual diet but in lack of a better word I call it that. Actually it is a specific way in which you change your eating habits. It is called "Schlank im Schlaf" (Loose weight while sleeping) and I heard from friends that it is working really good for them so I also will give it a shot :)

5. Together with Nezumi I met a really nice photographer by chance in Stuttgart and she took really nice pictures of us together. Can't wait to get the finished products :3

6. Got complimented on my eyes :3 In the past I considered my eyes an outstanding trait of my face because they are rather big and they have a nice color of blue but recently I forgot that someone could even remotely consider them beautiful...stupid me *hahahaha*

7. One of my most favourite bloggers of all time is now following my blog <3 <3 <3 Go check out Stoff im Gehirn - so awesome <3

Also as a honorable mention this week: I am going to participate in a book challenge created by my dear Nezumi and Sasija. It will be held in German though but if you want me to translate you parts of the challenge please don't hesitate to ask me <3

Have a nice start into this week~



  1. ♥ <-- Das da ist nur für dich, weil du so süß bist! ^^

    1. *O* Awwww~ Danke <3 <3 <3 *ganz viele herzen zurück werf* :3

  2. <3 Love ya, darling <3
    And don´t ever doubt yur beauty.

    1. <3 Love chuu much moar <3
      Well, lets make a deal...I stop doubting if you do the same ;)

  3. Von mir bekommst du auch eins ^.~ ♥

    1. Awwwww ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Danke *knuddel*

  4. Huhu (^__^),
    oh ja, die Disneyfilme von vor mehr als 20 Jahren waren einfach viel besser als die von heute. Allein das ganze Design, noch völlig unberührt und handgezeichnet, noch weit weg von dem ganzen rein automatisierten, technoiden "Kram" von heute. Alle, die sich noch an diese Zeit erinnern können, hatten gewiss noch eine schöne Kindheit voller technikfreier Fantasie (*___*) *seufz*.
    Und das Bild von Dir find ich ganz toll <(^3^)> ...vielleicht hast Du ja Lust bei meiner Blogvorstellungsaktion mitzumachen :3

    Liebe Grüße
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

    1. Hallo :)

      also meine Kindheit war recht technikfrei...aber ich bin ein Kind der 80er/90er...und dazu noch aus der ehemaligen DDR...ich bin mit Märchen aus Russland, viel frischer Luft und dann natürlich den ganzen Disny Filmen groß geworden :) Aber ich glaube die Kindheit ist für jeden schön...egal ob man nun technisiert aufwächst oder net...und meist liegt das ja eh an den Eltern und wie diese die Fantasie fördern oder nicht ;) momentan auch eines meiner Lieblingsbilder von mir ^^

      Blogvorstellaktion klingt spannend...werde heute Abend gleich mal nachschauen :3