Nov 7, 2013

Empties October

Hello sweeties <3

Well, we are already one week into November but I still wanted to post my empties for the last month. So, here we go~

It is mostly skin- and bodycare again as although I am using make-up on a daily basis it doesn't seem to end *hahaha*

CD Deodorant Waterlily- 2 months ago I decided I would stop using deodorants without aluminium salts in them and the best brand so far is CD. It is a bit on the pricier side (2,95 EUR per bottle) but my health is worth it. Although it isn't as strong as deodorant with aluminium salts for me it works just fine :) Already bought back-ups of it ^^v
Alverda Make-Up Setting Spray - Love the smell and helps to keep your make-up in place the whole day. I think it is around 3 EUR. Love it! ^^b
Balea Beauty Effect Hyaluron Booster - I had this one also in my September empties and I will probably buy it again. Even if it is only in my mind I do think that it helps to keep my skin youthful xD
Balea Volume Shampoo - My go-to shampoo at the moment. My hair loves it...and it smells sooo nice *_* Great shampoo for only 65 cent *yay*
Diadermine Anti-Age 3D Creme - what should I say? I nice facecreme that helps against wrinkles. I liked the scent and it was pretty moisturizing. If I used up all my other cremes I will probably buy this one again ^^
MUA Make-Up Base - Yeah, well, not a big fan of this one. I ordered it some months ago and finally used it up. The texture is weird and I used far better bases before. I will keep on using my Etude House Berry Chou Base :3

Listerine Total Care - Love it! The taste isn't as strong as other mouthwashes, it is rather mild but you still get a really fresh feeling after using it.
Balea Young Sweet Wonderland shower gel - This was a limited edition so I won't buy that again but even if it were regular edition I wouldn't get it again as after some time the smell of chocolate pudding gets really annoying ^^"
Sagrotan handfoam - I actually bought this on a whim because the description sounded interesting. Now I don't want to miss it in my bathroom. 
Soap and Glory For Daily Youth face lotion - Love it so much but unfortunately this was discontinued. I still have one backup that I am using at the moment but after this one is empty I am at a you have any recommendations for me?
Ominous brown bottle with red cap...this is a hair tincture that my doctor prescribed for me. One bottle will survive for 3 months...and yep, it is rather expensive but as I see good results I already got a second bottle ^^b

Well, I used up pretty much this month...or what do you think? ;)

Hope you have a nice evening~



  1. Haha XD Also bei mir gehen Sachen immer recht langsam leer. Wenn ich mir deinen "Berg" an leeren Tiegeln und Flaschen so ansehe.. wow.
    Ne, im Ernst. Hast das ja sicher auch nicht in 4 Wochen leer gemacht. *g*
    Von MUA gibt es ne Eyeshadow base? O.o Wusste ich ja gar nicht :'D Muss ich mal nachschauen.. Ich benutz naemlich zu meiner Schande keine... Orz..

    Liebste Gruesse,

    1. Ne, das ist nur gerade im Oktober leer gegangen *hahaha* So schnell krieg ich so viel auch net leer *hihi*
      Und das von MUA ist ne Base für das gesamte Gesicht :3 Ist recht gut aber es gibt schon Besser ^^"

      Wieso Schande? Wenn Eyeshadow auch so hält isses doch perfekt ^^