Nov 20, 2013

BTSSB - 始まりの記憶の中のSoiree

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ Baby the Stars shine bright is on a roll...just some days ago I posted about the Primavera Waltz Onepiece and now Baby is already releasing another gorgeous print. This time even with a price that normal people can pay *hahaha* ^^" The print is showing a wonderful and romantic ball with so many gorgeous details. To be honest when I first saw the print I instantely had to think of one episode of Sailor Moon *hahaha* *points down*

One of my fav scenes ever...yep, it is german *hahaha* This scene made me wanna be a princess...even more x"D

But anyways, on to the pictures of this gorgeous print <3
 So pretty *_* A scene right from a fairytale *sighs* I want this print so so so much *sighs again* My prince where are you? x"D
 Gorgeous princess dress <3 At the moment I am really into these kind of dresses *hahaha* So frilly :3
 I have to say that I like the 2nd JSK a bit better as I really like the corset type tp more...also you can see the print much better on the 2nd version :3
I want a Bonnet like that *O* So pwettttyyyy~ \(^0^)/

What do you think about that print? One you could fall in love with ore something you would rather not find in your closet? Tell me :3
Have a nice day sweethearts~


  1. I love this print, though I'm not too much into printdresses ^^ It would be lovely to have it as a skirt, in black or ivory *.*

    1. I love the ivory version *_* I am really contemplating if I should just get this damn dress *hahaha* So gorgeous *_*