Nov 27, 2013

Follow your dreams!

Hello sweeties <3

"Follow your dreams!" - That is an easy and also great thing to say but there are not many people really following their dreams. When we are young most of us are full of dreams and we still believe that every one of those dreams is possible. We believe that we can be a princess, a superhero or a superstar. But, lets face it, growing older we learn so much more about the world and we already got our hopes broken for what feels like a million times and thus we stop dreaming those big sparkling dreams. We are afraid that if we dream big we also might fall very very deep. And hey, truth is, this might happen more often than we hope for. Thus we tend to make our dreams shrink...until we are certain that we can achieve them and hey, if not it won't hurt as much, right? Well, I think this is rather sad because, yeah, we might fall harder if we dream bigger but in the end making our dreams smaller only not to get hurt is like betraying the most important person in your life - yourself! 

I know damn well that my dreams are totally outrageous sometimes and if I would tell people they would send me to a psychic ward without further notice...but does that keep me from having and believing in them? No! Because at times if you feel like you are all alone in this world and nobody seems to have a care for you to spare those dreams are the only thing keeping you from giving up. I have to admit that I am to big of a coward at the moment to set things in motion and realize one of my biggest dreams...the wall I created for many years now is still too big to just jump over...but I am not giving up just because of this obstacle. I just know that for me (and everyone else who believes) there is something big waiting at the end of the lane - we just have to fight for it!

picture taken by Markus Windeisen
 So never give up even though it seems impossible to go on at times!



  1. Ich find auch, dass man keine Angst davor haben sollte, ruhig auch mal größere Träume zu haben. Das dauert dann vielleicht länger bis man sie erreicht hat und ist schwerer, aber dafür ist man dann umso glücklicher darüber, oder? :3
    Und das Bild von dir ist so schön. q_q Total natürlich. ♥

    1. Genau meine Meinung :) Manchmal ist man bei großen Träumen auch der Verzweiflung total nahe wenn es erstmal net klappt und weiß net was man machen soll aber im Ende ist es das alles wert...weil es ist besser am Ende zu sagen, dass man es versucht hat und gescheitert ist anstatt es gar net versucht zu haben ^^

      Danke~ ich mag das Bild auch obwohl ich das Gefühl hab, dass ich irgendwie voll deppat schaue *hahaha* ^^"