Nov 13, 2013

TAG: Blogger packen aus (Blogger show it all)

Hello sweeties <3

When I started this blog I did a lot of these tags but than I decided to stop that because there are so many tags out there and I just don't have the time to do them all but this time I make an exception as I was tagged by my dear Nezumi <3 And although the tag is in German I try my best to translate it x"D

So, lets start ^O^ The theme is called "Blogger packen aus" that can be roughly translated with "Blogger show it all"...meaning that I have to answer the following questions with 200% honesty ;)

The Rules:
- mention the Blogger who tagged you
- answer the questions
- send the tag to 5 more bloggers

The questions:

1. What kind of blog are you reading? Why?
The first question and I already have to think pretty hard xD. I really love to read beauty and lifestyle blogs. But I also love blogs about anime and manga. Of course I love, love, love fashion blogs, especially about Lolita and other Japanese street fashion. You see I don't really have preferences on my blog reading habit *hahaha* As I love so many things I also love to read about many different subjects :3

2. Where do you like to shop?
Well, physical shops I would have to say dm, H&M, Blutsgeschwister, Douglas and thrift stores...and bookstores <3. But as I am mostly shopping on the internet I would have to say amazon, Closet Child and ebay...if that even counts as a shop *hahaha* I also love to browse through Modcloth *_*

3. Which blog do you follow/read the longest?
*thinks* Actually I can't really remember. I first started reading blogs on livejournal and some of those blogs don't even exist anymore...I am reading Düsterkitsch for a pretty long time now and absolutely loving it but maybe there is a blog I am reading far longer *hahaha*

4. Which blog did you subscribe to recently?
I think it was Rise and Fall because I love reading about J-Fashion and also slices of life. I think this is a nice blog that has it both :)

 5. What are your favourite 3 Blogs? Why?
Hm, it is really hard to decide. Every blog I am following has something special and I really can't wait for updates on those blogs...but if I really had to decide I would chose Stoff im Gehirn, because she is such a lovely Lolita and I am her [self proclaimed] fangirl #1, Kaninchenherz, because she is such a sweet sweet girl *_* and Licentia Poetica, because where else should I get my reading inspiration ;)

6. Do you like blog parades, challenges or other promotions? Do you do them yourself or are you rather participating?
Well, it depends on the subject if I like them or not. I love challenges and I really love to read blog parade entries but so far I haven't found on that I would participate in myself. As for challenges I just found one today that I will be doing soon :3 I also already did two giveaways and I think they are a great way to thank your followers for keeping up with you :)

7. Did your shopping habits change through blogging? Why?
They definitely changed. Before I would think more about buying yet another blush, eyeshadow etc. but now I see all the LE previews and as soon as the LE is out I need to get it. Also regarding Lolita fashion my habits definitely changed...I am more on the lookout for new prints and if I can find a rather "cheap" one I don't think to much about it and just buy it *hahaha*

8. Do you plan your monthly posts? Where do you get your inspiration?
Hm, I am not really planning every post out to the detail but I have many ideas in the back of my head. On Mondays I have a fixed post about my 7 great things of the past week but so far that is all for planning. The rest gets posted as I live...when I meet special people I post about it, when I see something interesting, when I buy something that I want to share...even when I feel nostalgic or a little bit homesick I might get inspiration and post about it :)

9. Do you answer every comment/E-Mail you receive on your blog?
Yes, or at least I try...sometimes I am so busy that I overlook one comment but I try to answer it nonetheless even if it may take some time. I think it is important to read and answer every comment to stay in touch with the people who read your rantings ;) For me it is really important to know what my readers think about the stuff I am writing down here ^^

10. Last but not least: Do you have any tipps for people who want to start a blog and reach many people?
Hm, I am the type of person just going along with the blogosphere. I think it is important to connect with other bloggers, might it be through comments, following them etc. You can also share your posts on other social platforms as facebook, tumblr or twitter. Also don't post about something that might interest many people but doesn't interest you. Write about the things you like - if you only post because you want E-Fame your blog will not grow and get readers because it will show that you are not behind it with all your heart...and hey, it is not so important how many readers you have - as long as you like what you are doing it is all that matters :)

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Have a nice evening my sweeties <3



  1. <3 Thank you for answering darling <3

  2. Replies
    1. Wenn du magst, kannst du auch dran teilnehmen :3 Hätte ja am liebsten jeden getagged x"D

  3. omg *o* Kaninchenherz is one of your favourite blogs ! I´m so happy you like my blog ♥
    Thank you for tagging me, I´ll try to fit it somewhere in between my 10000000 planned posts =D

    1. :3 I really really love your blog <3
      I know the feeling...I have so many posts in my head but no time to blog about it *hahaha*

  4. Aww thank you so much my cute Fangirl #1! ♥
    And thank you so much for tagging!

    1. Give credit where credit is due ;) I just spoke my mind~
      I really love to read your blog and I am really excited about every new dress you post *_*

      Thank you for doing the tag :3

  5. This is so sweet, thanks for sharing those things to us! It's great to know more about you. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. I hope this tag will spread through the blogosphere and I get to know many more things about my fav bloggers *gnihihihi*