Sep 18, 2013

Daily Skin Care

Hello sweeties <3

Until around 1 year ago I didn't think much about my facial skin care as I never had problems with pimples, dark spots etc. I used a cleanser in the morning and if my skind felt overly dry I used some hydrating creme in the evening but that was it. But as I am not getting younger and I want to keep my youthfull complexion *hahaha* for a very long time around 1 year ago I really started with a skin care routine that not only consisted of the above mentioned two steps ;)

Yep~ the products I use for my face drastically increased *haha*

Morning Skin Care:
1. I am using the L'Oreal Hydra Active Cleansing Fluid to swipe off the night ;) I was using the Bioderma Cleanser before but as I used it up I decided tho give L'Oreal a chance with my sometimes bitchy and overly sensitive skin and so far it is pretty good in taking off last nights sleep.
2. Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Washgel. Got this in one of my Pink Boxes and trying to use it up. So far it is pretty okay but I don't actually have problem skin except that it is pretty sensitive from time to time but haven't had problems with that cleanser so far. 
3. Garnier Eyes Roll-On for puffy eyes in the morning. Cools the eyes and helps with the eye-puffines in the morning. Using it for a pretty long time already and really loving it ^^b
4. Essence Pure Skin Anti-shine Pore Refining Serum. Just started using that around 2 weeks ago. Was recommended to my by Koo-chan and so far I have to say it doesn't do wonders but I have the feeling that my pores do look refined XD
5. Soap and Glory For Daily Youth facial lotion. Unfortunately this product was discontinued some time ago T^T It smells really nice and keeps your skin hydrated and soft during the day. Fortunately I still got a back-up of that product ^^b Lucky me!

Evening Skin Care:
1. Again I am using the L'Oreal Hydra Active Cleansing Fluid to get of my Make-Up. Even works with darker Eye Make-Up. Doesn't work that well as the Bioderma Cleanser though. From time to time I also need a eye makeup remover. I am using Helena Rubinsteins eye makeup remover at times like that.
2. Etude House Baking Powder. Another recommendation by Koo-chan. It is AWESOME! It smells so nice and your skin feels squeaky clean afterwards <3 LOVE IT!
3. Balea Beauty Effect Hyaluron Booster against wrinkles. Don't know about that has a cooling effect and I have the feeling that it helps with the tiny wrinkles around my eyes but have to test that out a little more ^^
4. MISSHA Time Revolution Serum. Using that once or twice a week and so far I am totally loving it because it makes my skin so soft and smooth :3 Although it is a bit pricey I will definitely get the full size when mine is empty.
5. Diadermine Wrinkle Expert Night Creme. You can never start early enough with wrinkle care! Great product for a great price...also really great for sensitive skin ^^b

So, what do you do for skin care? Do you have special products you can't live without? Can you recommend something to me?

Have a nice day~



  1. Das kenn ich XD
    Ich bin seit diesem Jahr auch vol auf dem Trip.. Pflege meine Haut mehr als vorher.. :3 Man wird ja nicht juenger. Ich weiss dein Alter nicht, aber ich schatze ich bin so in deinem Alter, vielleciht ein bisschen juenger.
    Von Missha Time Revolution hab ich jetzt auch die grosse Flasche bestellt :3 Liebe das Zeug *g*

    Ganz liebe Gruesse meine Suesse,


    1. Ich bin ewige 23 ;) Joa, ich hab ja eigentlich auch noch nicht wirklich große Probleme mit Falten oder so....meine Haut ist auch recht okay aber man kann nie früh genug damit anfangen. Hab zum Glück auch gute Gene von meiner Mama geerbt aber die Paranoia bleibt...und der Druck aus den Medien immer jung auszusehen hilft da auch nicht gerade @@

      Wünsche dir ein ganz tolles WE <3 <3 <3