Sep 20, 2013

Forever with you~

Hello sweeties <3

I don't actually know how to incorporate the title into a post about a shoot I had with cute Nezumi last weekend but since I am literally listening to this song by Jupiter all day round since nearly 2 weeks I decided the post should have that title *haha* Well, and the first picture *points down* kinda reminded me of that maybe, there is a connection after all, right?

共に喜び悲しみ分け合おう [Let's share all the happiness and sadness] ...there was another statue at the fountain where two lovers console each other (honestly as having studied art history I actually should know the mythical characters that are shown here but well...I don't so I have my own interpretation xD). I think this quote from above mentioned song fits really good :)

I was finally able to wear my RHS *O* They are so comfy~ And although two years ago I said I would never ever wear those shoes I couldn't resist to buy them now *ahahahaha* They remind me of ballerina shoes and as I am a big fan of the ballet I needed them in my life ^^" know...couldn't resist to take some pictures roses *nuff said*

JSK: Baby the Stars shine bright
Blouse: Bodyline
Cape: Orsay (bought it some years ago)
Tights: Claire's
Shoes: Nu Kawaii
Bracelet: H&M
Roses: Claire's, H&M
Headband: found on ebay

Lastly I want quote Jupiter again ;)
大切な事は目の前にいつもある~[The important things are always before our eyes]
...we should never forget that :)

Have a great start into this weekend~



  1. So puschelig <3 *flauschflausch*
    Hüsches janalein <3

    1. *re flausch* <3 Ich liebe dieses Cape...ich bin soooo froh, dass iche s damals gekauft habe *hach*

  2. Das Cape passt total gut. Sehr süßes Outfit :)

    1. Danke :3 Ich liebe das Cape...hab ich noch vor meiner Lolita-Zeit gekauft und wusste nie wie ich es kombinieren sollte xD