Sep 23, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday and that means 7 great things that happened last week :3

1. My Plan A and Plan B outfits for the IW Teaparty are finally complete. I found a really nice cardigan that matches the outfits I have in mind *fufufu*
Plan B ...the dress for Plan A is still at Emilie Lynn's place xD
2. Was invited to Noir Fleurir's birthday party on Friday and had loads of fun - Thanks for having me :3

3.Got the sweetest letter from my dear Nezumi <3 Thank you so much for letting me be part of your life and for sharing so many things with me *chuuu*

4. FINALLY received the Innocent World order that I thought went missing on its way ^^" But now everyones teaparty is saved *hahahaha*

5. Reached 140 Readers...thank you so so so so so much <3 Never thought that I would reach 50 and now I am over 100 *yay* Well, some would say 140 Readers is nothing to brag about but for me it is really great *O* Thank you so much for keeping up with my ramblings~ <3

6. Found the Babylips from Maybelline at dm...I was lusting after them for a pretty long time already and thought they would never make their way to Germany...but now they are here :3
The design is so cute and they really help moisturize my lips *thumbs up*
7. Had a great photoshoot with Nezumi, Noir and Lady Atropa at Killesberg in Stuttgart :3
Love how the duck in the background just fits perfectly into the setting *haha* I am also planning on doing a tutorial for the hairstyle I was wearing that day,,,it somehow reminded me of Sailor Moon xD
Hope you also had a great start into this week~

See you in my next post *chuuuuu*



  1. Sieht sehr süß aus das Foto <3 So richtig schön verträumt ^^
    Prinzessin Jana und ihr tapferer Gefährte ließen den Tag im Schlosspark und einem Baum ausklingen. Und wenn sie nicht gestorben, dann haben sie immer noch Spaß XD

    1. Ich finde das Bild auch voll toll *O* Die Stimmung darin hat echt was Märchenhaftes :3
      Japp, mein Gefährte heißt Vincent *nick nick*