Feb 28, 2015

Ghouls and Domes OR Where has all the time gone? @@

Hello sweeties <3

Yeeehaaaa~ not another month since my last post *muahahahaha* Even though at the moment I don't think that my life is to interesting for most people I want to try to take care of my blog some more in the future....but the thing is recently I was only thinking about what would be interesting for people to read or see and forgot the most important thing of all: the things I want to write about :) Who cares if nobody wants to read them? I created this blog to share my memories and opinions with the world...sure, it is nice if people read them but is it important? Not really~ So, from now on I will write about just teh random things I encounter *ngahahahahaha* Well, at least I try to *hahahahaha*

That said...I might have found some new obsessions regarding TV-shows lately >>" Not that I am already watching millions of anime and other series...but you can never have enough fandoms, right? RIGHT? x"D

The 1st one is an anime called Tokyo Ghoul and I watched it until the latest episode within one day because this is how I do stuff *coughs* Watching D.Grayman in 3 days straight *coughs* From that you can already see that I really like that show :3 And if you like gory and rather dark psychological anime - this is the one you should definitely watch ;) As the name already suggests it revolves around Ghouls living in Tokyo *haha* Well, not exactly, it revolves around the main character called Kaneki Ken who through unforseen circumstances is turned into a Half-Ghoul and who now tries to adjust to his new life and finds allies who try to live in the human world without getting noticed and killed by the Anti-Ghoul organization. (And as I am sooooo horrible in giving an overview over any story here is a link for more information ;D) and a picture because pictures are good xD

(c) Ishida Sui, Studio Pierrot

The 2nd one is Under the Dome...I probably don't need to tell anyome about this TV-show and I only have watched 3 episodes so far but I am not that unimpressed. There are probably better shows than this one out there but I have to say that I always liked shows that played in small towns with a secret...and well, deep in my heart I really like Stephen King even though the last time I read one of his books is quite some time away *hahaha* ^^" 

What do you think about these two shows? Have you watched them? Do you have any reccommendations for me (as I am not watching enough things already at the moment xD)?

I hope you have an awesome weekend :3


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