Mar 6, 2015

I can't breathe but I look awesome~

Hello sweeties <3

Here  am with another outfit post. I was contemplating on what to post next on my blog and I have so many ideas that I can't decide what I should post first *hahaha* So I am asking you to help me to decide :P What would you rather see? Are you content as it is now with tons of outfit posts? Should I write more about the places I've visited? Do you want some serious posts? ;)

Aaaaanyways~ today I will decide :P Here are two outfits I wore the last weekend ^^

On Saturday we went to the Swiss Border and the Rhine River...didn't do as much sightseeing as we wanted to but it was still a really nice day :3

 OP: Baby the Stars shine bright (the dress has no shirring and litarally no space for boobs xD)
OTK:Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline
Blouse: Metamorphose
Bonnet: Offbrand
Wig: Lockshop

Love the vintage look my phone accidently gave the picture...even though it is rather creepy xD

Amazing sunset *O*

On Sunday we went to the monastery in Maulbronn and visited the Easteregg market there. It is so amazing what people in the past could build and what can be done with mere eggs *hahaha*

 *amazed* I love architecture and all things related to art *-* Wanna work in that field again *sniff*

Coat: Fan+Friend
JSK: Baby the Stars shine Bright
Blouse: Fan+Friend
OTK: Angelic Pretty (Memorial Cake)
Shoes: Bodyline
Hat: Ergi by Piratesan
Wig: Lockshop

I hope you have a nice start into this weekend :) What are your plans? We are going to visit a castle yet again :3 

Have a nice Friday <3



  1. Hey^--^

    besonders gut gefällt mir das zweite Outfit, das JSK ist wirklich sehr schön :) und die Hasenohren sehen so plüschig aus! xD Mega niedlich ^_^

    1. Aww~ Danke ^^ Ich liebe den JSK sooooo sehr :3 Sind sie auch aber auch extrem warm @@