Jan 22, 2014

In the splendor of the czars

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday I went to the exhibition "In the splendor of the czars" with some friends and, who would have though, I used this occasion to wear Lolita again ;) I was really really excited to see the exhibition, not only because I love all things baroque, but also because I am reading a book about Catherine the Great at the moment and thought I would learn something new about her in the exhibition. Unfortunately the exhibition started just after her reign and was more focused on the connection of the house Württemberg with the Russian Empire than the actual splendor of the czars. I was a bit dissappointed as on one hand there was so much new information but than on the other hand things I was really interested in weren't really explained *sighs* 

To match the splendor I decided to wear something princessy and romantic this day *points down*
JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Filles
Blouse: ebay
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Antaina
Belt: ebay
Cardigan: Bodyline
Necklace: Claire's
Wig: Lockshop
Roses: Claire's

And derping around a bit XD
My makeup wasn't all fresh when I took the pictures but I liked how it came out in the my Marie Antoinette Palette from Lime Crime *-*

What did you do at the weekend?
And what are you reading at the moment?

Have a nice afternoon <3