Jan 21, 2014

I am handcream~

Hello sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about one of my many many addictions -  handcreams!

Even though I already have loads and loads of handcreams I can't stop myself from buying even more. Especially when there is a Limited Edition I have to at least buy one back-up ^^" Does anyone of you have the same problem? x"D

This is my collection at the moment...after I gave away at least half of it...yep, I nearly had 20 different handcreams at my disposal...but hey, this is not as bad as my showergel "collection"...if you want to see that I can also show it to you *hahaha*

Cake Snow Woman in the scent Vanilla - I received this in a swap from Canada and love the scent to death. Unfortunately it was a limited edition and we don't have the brand in Germany T^T
Essence 24h hand protection balm in Caramel Hot Chocolate (2012 LE), Gingerbread Chai Latte (2012 LE) and Banana Dark Chocolate (2013 LE) - I love Christmasy and chocolate scents and couldn't resist getting all of the different scents...but after thinking a long time I decided I only have two hands and gave the rest away as presents ^^"
Balea Limited Edition Raspberry - I don't even know why I bought this one...maybe the package, maybe because it was the scent though as it is really fruity :3
Alessandro Christmas Time - this I didn't buy myself because it was in a Glossybox...but now I want the fullsize T^T
Nougat Nurturing Hand Cream in Peony - also from a Glossybox...not my favourite scent but it is indeed nurturing.
Caudalie Paris Hand and Nail Cream - not in the picture as I am taking this one everywhere with me. My absolute favourite at the moment...although it is a bit expensive. It is so nurturing and makes your hands feel soft for at least half a day...maybe I am exaggerating but it really feels that way *hahaha* And did I mention taht it smells heavenly? :3

What handcream do you use at the moment? Are you satisfied? 

Have a nice day everyone <3 



  1. Also ich bin auch süchtig nach Handcreme, aber eher in dem Sinn, dass ich mir (zumindest im Winter) andauernd die Hände eincremen muss. xD Benutze und besitze momentan nur eine. Ist glaube ich die von Balea mit Olive. xD

    1. An sich brauch ich gar net so oft Hautcreme da ich net so trockene Haut habe aber ich finde die Düfte immer so toll xD Ich bin echt komisch in der Hinsicht *hahaha*

  2. Meine Mitbewohnerin liebt Handcreme auch soooo sehr. Sie kauft immer Massen. XD

    1. Ich kann deine Mitbewohnerin seeeehr gut verstehen xD

  3. Huhu ^^

    Wow, also wenn ich mir mal so überlege, dass ich nie mehr als 3 Handcreams zur selben Zeit habe... lolol
    Meine lieblings Handcreme ist von Neutrogena. Das ist eine konzentrierte die extra für sehr trockene Hände geeignet ist.
    Obwohl... Gerade habe ich gar keine Handcreme... xD

    Ich wünsche dir einen ganz tollen Tag ^__^

    Lieeb Grüße,
    deine Jade

    1. Normal braucht man auch net soooo viele Handcremes aber ich kann mich oft gar net zurück halten *hahaha* Ich liebe Handcremes einfach :3

      Wünsche dir noch nen schönen Abend <3

  4. soo viele handcremes, die sogar gut riechen *_* sowas liebe ich einfach :****


    1. Ja, aber so viele Hände habe ich gar net xD Aber ich kann den meisten einfach net wiederstehen *hach*