Aug 21, 2012

Vampires - My dark obsession ;)

Good Evening my sweeties <3

Have I ever told you about another of my great obsessions? (I know, I know...I have thousends of those xD) But anyways, I was just watching an interesting documentary (although pretty over dramatic at points) and thought I could write something about one of my favourite topics ever - Vampires <3
Tom Cruise as Lestat <3 (source:tumblr)
My obsession started with the movie "Interview with a Vampire". I loved Tom Cruise as Lestat (although there is another person more suited for that role ;D) and as soon as I heard that the movie was based on a book I was hooked on the subject. I soon started to absorb all the books from the Vampire Chronicles and totally fell in love with Lestat, Armand and all the other illustrous creatures from the books. But what exactly kept me so hooked to all the vampire stories? Because it didn't stop with only Anne Rice's books *hihi* Well the actual vampire from the legends isn't something to fall in love with - bloodthirsty, cruel, without a soul, a creature from hell BUT the vampires Anne Rice, and Bram Stoker before her, created received a soul. They are now not mere creatures aout of horror stories to scare people the have a romantic and mysterious flair around them. Those vampires make you long for a dark and eternal life. You want them to take you with themm into this mysterious life, away  from what is normal...and sometimes boring. And hey, the point that they are all really handsome makes you long for their eternal love even more xDD So, rather than a prince in shining armour I want to be taken away by a mysterious vampire ;)
Screenshot from Versailles "Ascendead Master" - Kamijo is Lestat for me ;)
But I have to say that my love for Vampires stops at "Twilight" (Yes, I admit I read the books, so I know what I am talking about :P)...whart Anne Rice, Bram Stoker and other great authors did for the modern myth of the Vampire Twilight destroyed so fast, you couldn't even my opinion anyways. In my opinion Edward is a lame copy of Louis du Point du Lac. Louis really was haunted by being a Vampire but he knew he can never escape as he wasn't able to end the life he so much despised. Well, not only Louis was haunted by his existance, every one of the vampires from the chronicles was. I think the stories of how they cope (or don't) are so much more "believable" than Twilight...everything revolves around Mary Sue, wait, I mean Bella. It is not really shown that vampires really ARE monsters. Rice and Stoker constantly remind you of that fact but still you can't hate those "creatures" as they are love them but also know that they mean death to every human. So, sorry to say that but for me the Twilight "Vampires" are just a lame excuse for a vampire. I know, I know, I said it before, real "real" vampires are ugly, hideous and evil creatures that our out for blood and don't have much resemblance to humans. The ancient myths and lore are not so "nice" like the books I love so much. This dark romance was created in the 19th century when those kind of stories were en vogue. 
Caravaggio - Cupid (1602-1603). Anne Rice described Armand to look like one of Caravaggios Cupids.
 You see, I am really absolutely totally obsessed with vampires -  the eternal life, the dark romance, the mysterious world they embody. I am in now way able to write something objective about that topic *hahaha* So, if you got the time you could watch the documentary. As I said before it is rather over the top and over dramatic but there are some interesting things in it nonetheless (unfortunately I only found the german version oft it ^^" But there should be an english one out there as well...I suppose xD")

So, who else wants to be a dark Vampire Princess? *hihihi* What kind of things keep you hooked for a very long time? Tell me about your obsessions ;-)

Have a nice evening <3

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  1. Ich denke, ich kann mir mein "HIER!!! ICH AUCH!!" sparen - das weißt du ja schon :D

    Ich bin (zu diesem Zeitpunkt)mit der Doku noch nicht ganz durch, finde es aber irgendwie schade, dass, wenn man schon die Bibel auf Vampir-Mythen untersucht, nicht auf die Geschichte von Kain und Abel eingeht ( hier z.B. : )

    Und Vampire the Masquerade ist EPISCH <3 Schade, dass, soweit ich weiß, die Domäne Stuttgart zu ist.
    Nicht zu vergessen, dass es natürlich die bösen, bösen Rollenspieler sind...

    Wo ich Father Sebastian sehe... in Osnabrück gibt es auch die Möglichkeit, sich aufsteckbare Fangs machen zu lassen... Ich habe vor, da im Laufe des nächsten Jahres hinzufahren. Interesse, mitzukommen? ;)

    Achja: Und ihr "Vampir-Club" sieht ein wenig aus wie eine Mischung aus einem "normaler" BDSM-Club und ner Sekte o.O

    Und natürlich darf die Erwähnung von Marilyn Manson nicht fehlen *seufzt*

    Und dass die "Vampire" aus Twilight absolut keine sind (ja, ich hab die Bücher auch gelesen), das steht absolut außer Frage. Vampire dürfen in der Sonne nicht glitzern. Sie dürfen funkeln - einmal und ganz hell und danach zu Asche werden. Man nennt es auch brennen (man denke an Claudia im Brunnen - schön umgesetzt).

    So - der Kommi is jetzt lang genug XD