Aug 14, 2012

For an irresistable me...

Hello my sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about something that has occupied my mind for the longest time. 
-Loving yourself the way you are and being happy -

Until now in my mind, although I had portions of myself, that I really liked, that I really was proud of, I was a self-loathing person. I thought myself not good enough for others, I felt inferior most of the time. And to be honest I needed people to tell me that I had worth. But now I realized that not other people give me worth, I am already a great person. I tried to look for love to make me complete and give me something that I thought I needed so much but that was an illusion, I realize that now. Well~ I already knew those things in the past...god knows how often my friends told those things to me. My problem was I didn't want to let go of the things I knew held me back and I didn't want to realize that something went wrong. I build my own castle of fairytales I spun myself. Fairytales of undying love that is only found in another person. But the saying "You can only really love another person if you love yourself" may be oh so banal but it is so true. And again, "knowing" this and really knowing it are some totally different shoes.

So~ what made me have that epiphany, you may ask? Well, for the last 6 months my lovelife was running wild, I was swept away and everything went on in chaos. At some point I decided for myself that this can't be the way, I can't stay miserable all the time. I want to be happy! So~ I got reminded of a book that 6 months ago I would never have read. When I first heard about that book I just thought "Nah, I don't need that, I can manage!"...well, I could not!
Who doesn't want that? ;)
Now I am only halfway through that book but it already helped in ways I would never have imagined. Although what is written there is nothing new to the world it made me open my eyes to the things that went wrong with me in the past. And don't let the title mislead you - it is more than a guide to get the man for you. It is a guide to loving and being in harmony with yourself...and if you achieve that you can be in harmony with others...because the only one who can make you happy is yourself. If you can't do that, how do you expect to make others happy?

So~ hope you have a nice day as well <3

Lots of love and kisses~


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    1. ^^" Ja, irgendwann musste es ja mal klick machen xD Aber besser spät als nie *hihi*

  2. Freut mich, dass es offensichtlich geholfen hat. :)

    1. Hätte nicht gedacht, dass einfach "nur ein Buch" lesen mir so die Augen öffnen würde ^^

  3. Ich freue mich, dass du dich mit dir selbst wohler fühlst!
    Das Buch scheint sehr interessant zu sein D:

    1. Naja~ bis ich das ganze alles wirklich und wahrhaftig verinnerlicht habe, wird es wohl noch einige Zeit dauern ^^" Aber der Anfang ist gemacht :)

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    1. ^^ Danke~

      Irgendwo muss ich ja anfangen...und da ich nicht immer anderen die Schuld geben kann und darf, muss ich wohl bei mir anfangen ;)