Jan 18, 2013

Dark Shadows ;)

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ the last week was so exhausting...thank god it is weekend xD And it will be so great...tomorrow the local Lolitas have a Teaparty...I am really excited <3 I am gonna wear a combination of blue and pink *hehehe* Stay tuned for the outfit tomorrow ;) But today I want to talk about some things I bought myself during the last weeks...yep, actually I shouldn't buy anything because I wanna save money for Japan but from time to time I gotta treat myself with little things ;D

So, here is my little haul :)

Three Lipsticks by Catrice from the Ultimate Colour Series in the colors 190 The Nuder the Better, 130 Frozen Rose and 010 Be Natural. They were 3,75 EUR each but I think they are definitely worth the money. The texture is really soft and it feels totally smooth on your lips. The colour dispense is great as all thumbs up from me ^^b
top - 010 Be Natural
middle - 130 Frozen Rosei
bottom - 190 The Nuder the Better

06 Romance Eyeshadow Palette from the Runway Collection by NYX. The colors are so great, the texture is really smooth and the color dispense is nice as well. You can get it at Douglas for 9,95 EUR and I think for 10 Eyeshadows this is an awesome deal ^^ I got myself this nude palette as I also want to use it for everyday and I love it to death~ The eyeshadows have a light shimmer to them but it is not to overwhelming, perfect for normal days but also for the evening :)

 Essence allover shimmer for lighter skin in 01 Ibiza Sun...I was thinking about getting this for a pretty long time but the one who made me buy it was kooccachoo <3 The colors are so awesome and the whole thing is so can use it as a blush, eyeshadow, highlighter etc. ...and it smells so delicious *_*b

Bodybutter and Showergel from the Douglas homebrand in the scent Time to Cocoon with Cocoa and Almonds...and it literally smells like hot delicious. I didn't try the bodybutter yet as I still have many others left but the showergel is really nice...I am a sucker for sweet foody scents <3

And to come back to the title of my post, I got myself the NYX The Crimson Amulet Palette from the Douglas homepage...can't await to receive it :3
Pic taken from here ^^

Last but not least something only somewhat related xD
I finally got myself a mirror at Ikea for only 20 is a plain white mirror but I am so excited that I finally got one *hahaha* Ridiculous I know but anyways: Me+Mirror=Happy xD

I wish you all an awesome evening and a great weekend <3


  1. Ich hab auch caro dazu gebracht ein kleid zu kaufen xD bin wohl in letzter zeit böse lol!!!

    eine nyx palette will ich mir auch kaufen wenn ich wieder geld habe (oder ich finde morgen eine mit dem geld was ich mir fürs shoppen zurückgelegt habe xD)aber nicht in nude weil ich ja da die von wet'n wild habe xD und ich brauch net so viele ausführungen davon!

    1. Tja~ eigentlich solltest du uns grad vom shoppen abhalten xD Aber naja, Make-Up geht immer noch und Essence ist ja auch recht günstig ^.^

      Also die NYX Paletten sind echt gut und der Preis ist echt unschlagbar ^^b Freu mich schon so auf die Dark Shadows LE *_*

  2. Replies
    1. The texture is awesome as smooth <3

  3. Hui, dein Blog ist süß :3

    Ich stand auch schon einige Male vor den Catrice Lippenstiften, leider waren dort nur welche mit Glitter, wo ich nich so der Typ für bin :D

    Jedenfalls, ich mag deinen Blog und folg dir jetzt :)

    Mina <3

    1. Vielen Dank <3

      Ich trag ja eigentlich net so oft Lippenstifte aber die haben mich echt überzeugt :) Die Konsistenz ist sehr schön und die Farben net ganz so krass *haha*

      Dann folge ich dir mal ganz frech zurück ;)