Jan 16, 2013

My castle ;)

Hello sweeties <3

Finally some time to update you on my Sunday xD As I already wrote I visited castle Ludwigsburg with my collegues and we had a special tour through the rooms with a chambermaid ;) Although some years ago I already took part in a regular tour this time around it was way more exciting as the chambermaid told us some "secrets" about her majesty *hihi* If you ever get the chance to visit Ludwigsburg I highly recommend you take one of the special tours as they are a lot of fun and the guides really take you to another era in time :) Unfortunately it was not really possible for my phone to take decent pictures inside the castle >.< I seriousely need a new camera. Do you have any recommendations for a not so expensive camera? Well, anyways, I took some pictures outside the castle for you, so here you go :)

 I think Ludwigsburg castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany <3

Hunting lodge Favorit...only 5 minutes away from the castle. It is really cute xD

Part of the 19th century garden with the ruin called "Emichsburg" the 19th century it was really en vogue to build fake ruins into your garden as the people thought it to be romantic :)

Actually I was thinking of wearing Lolita but as it was pretty cold I decided against it XD

My castle ;)

Hope you have a nice Wednesday <3

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