Jan 30, 2013

Alice’s tear bottle

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for another new print *hahaha* This time I want to give my opinion on the new ArtP-Print called "Alice’s tear bottle". I think the print itself is really really gorgeaous and with the Alice theme you can nearly never go wrong with me ;) BUT the cut of the JSKs kinda makes the whole design fall apart T^T 
I think the design of the print is really cute and it catches the atmosphere of the book really well ^^b 10 points for that part :)
 ...the design of the dresses themselves isn't that great though. Normal designs with a gorgeous print seems kinda off to me...the design and cut of the JSKs isn't horrible but it also isn't something that would WOW me ^^"
BUT I really like the skirt-version of this print this time :3 I think the idea of putting straps on the skirt that you can put on or not is really great and I really love the ruffles at the shoulderpart <3 So, if I'll get anything from this line it will probably be the skirt (says a JSK-person xDDD)

What do you think about this print? Would you buy it?


  1. Replies
    1. The print I love, the dresses not that much ^^"

  2. I really like this print in close-up but it loses it's charm at the actual dresses/skirt. The colour contrast is either too low or too high, so it appears kind of disharmonic. It's too bad about this cute print. I would not buy it.

    1. My thoughts exactly...well, I like the I would buy something from that line but only in ivory xD The other colors are to weird imo ^^"

    2. The print really shows up best on the skirt. But personally I don't like the frills attached onto the shoulder straps. They look very maid-ish and apron-like... :/ But as part of a comlete outfit it might look better :)

  3. Wow, very nice dresses !

  4. wow, amazing purposes.
    simply loving them

    hope you will like my blog as I love your one. wish we could follow each other
    stay in touch, dear!


    1. Thank you :)

      I think your blog is really great ^^ Already follwing you <3