Jan 5, 2013

Everything new - a Post-Christmas Haul~

Hello sweeties <3

The first working week of the new year is over and I finally got some time on my hands to update again *yay* I hope your year started great :)
This time I want to show you what I got myself for my Christmasmoney when I went shopping with a dear friend from highschool...yep, I already know her since 15 years now XD But as we are living pretty far from each other for a very long time now we don't get to see each other a lot so every time we do meet, we have a lot to talk about. So other than shopping and talking we didn't do that much *hahaha*

Here is what I got:
I needed some new fragrances and got myself Beyonce Heat Rush and Pulse. If you like sweeter warm scents these are exactly the scents for you...I love them and they were 13EUR each so the price is awesome as well ^^b

As we don't have Bath and Bodyworks in Germany and I can't really get my hands on those candles I decided to try Yankee Candles. I bought Blissful Autumn, Red Velvet and Vanilla Cupcake and they smell so delicious :3 might think me insane but the flats (both H&M) were only 5EUR each and the wedges were reduced to 7EUR (Deichmann).

Another Make-Up Brush by Ebelin, Maybelline Silk Glam Quad in Purple Drama and Manhatten Trio NY City Girl. I really like both Eyeshadow Palettethingies as the pigmentation is really good. Definitely something you should check out :)

I really needed some new boots and found these awesome babies at Deichmann *O* They are so fluffy and comfortable :3
Had to wear them as soon as I got them xD

Outfit of that shopping day:
Hoodie: New Look - Shorts: New Yorker - Socks/Tights: H&M - Boots: New Yorker (later Deichmann xD) - Bag: Angelic Pretty - Wig: Lockshop

And last but not least a romantic view xD

Hope you have a nice day <3


  1. Die Stiefel stehen dir total gut Liebes ^^ Ich hab auch ein Paar Stiefel, die ich total klasse finde und am liebsten andauernd tragen würde XD

    1. Danke <3 Die Stiefel waren auch Liebe auf den ersten Blick...trag die jetzt auch täglich zur Arbeit xD Die sind so extrem bequem und flauschig *hach* Wie sehen denn deine Stiefel aus, die du nie mehr ausziehen magst? ;)