Jan 22, 2012

Time for Fashionshow~

Hello Sweeties <3

It took me one week but finally I got all the pictures of our Lolita-Fashionshow from last Saturday. It was really small and we were only 9 girls but I think we showed of the different styles of Lolita very well. I did the introducing part and thus was very nervous but all went okay and I think we did a pretty good job in describing everything to the audience (press is a totally different story as always ;D)

Me introducing all the styles and the girls ^.^

During the fashion show :3
New Advertisement for AatP ;)...Bittersweet and Ouji <3 So awesome~
Aristocrat <3 She is a seamstress so the whole Outfit is made by her ^o^ So great~
Sweet and pink and supercute <3
Our own version of Mana-sama ;) I really love the classic-goth look <3 <3 <3
Country Lolita <3 Gorgeous~ Love the dress ^.^
Hime-Lolita <3 Dress is selfmade and just AWESOME <3 <3 <3
Cute, cute Sailor Lolita ^.^
And finally me in Classic Lolita...totally different from my usual style xD I look so mature...kinda ^^"
I kinda really like that picture of me and you can see my hair better xD


  1. Das schaut toll aus!
    Gibt es auch ein Video?

    1. Danke ^^ Ich war auch echt überrascht, dass es doch so gut gelaufen ist~ Irgendwer hat auch Videos gemacht aber die hab ich leider noch nicht ^^"