Jan 31, 2012

Best time of my life~

Hello me sweeties <3

At the moment I am really feeling nostalgic when I am thinking about my time in Japan. I really want to go back there so much...but well, first gotta earn some money to do that and than find someone willing to come with me *hehehe* But to make up for the time I can't go to Japan I thought about putting up some impressions of one of the best years I ever had up on my blog :3 Enjoy ;)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Some temple in Nagoya...I love how you can find peace in even the busiest places just like that ^^

View from my window :3
The place where we went to do Karaoke every week...Miss it so much *sighs*


  1. Aww, the pics of you are so cute! ^.^ Maybe someday I also have a change to visit Japan.

    1. Thank you ^^ You will get the chance...there are not so expensive flight and if you look you also can find cheap lodging ^^

  2. Ich will auuuch! :3
    Du kommst sicher auch bald hin ^-^

    1. Du kommst sicher auch noch hin ^^ Gibt ja auch günstige Flüge und Unterkünfte *nick nick*

      Und ich geb mir Mühe mit dem Sparen, dass ich so schnell wie möglich wieder hin kann...wäre ja gelacht wenn das jetzt mit dem Job net klappen würde :3