Feb 1, 2012

Posture, posture, posture...

Hello sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about a topic that got me many sleepless nights...oh well, thats not really true but I really thought about it alot. I am talking about posture while wearing Lolita. I often see really really pretty dressed and cute Lolitas and adore there style lots and lots but sometimes it happens when they start to walk and all the cuteness is destroyed just because the walk like a tramp. The back is hunched, the steps are far to big and all in all they walk like a men. I think the right posture is really important in Lolita. In my opinion it is as important as the clothes itself because as I already stated if you walk like a tramp no-one believes that you really proud of the fashion you are wearing. You should keep your head high, straighten your shoulders and take smaller steps. Although it sounds so easy one is inclined to easily forget everything and fall into their old patterns but if you try walking like that you really feel more confident. So~ I know this is a kinda critical topic and I also know that I am not perfect and that I also fall back into the all-so comfy walking, but I wanted to get that topic off my chest. So~ what do you think about it? Can you agree or am I totally wrong? ;)

Thank you for reading my two cents to this topic <3

*sends love*


  1. Ich sehe das ähnlich!
    meistens gehe ich auch sehr grade, aber abends wenn die füße schmerzen lauf ich wie ein idiot und scheiße auch noch drauf XDDD

    1. ^^ Genau so ist das *hihi* Wenn die Füße dann weh tun, vergisst man ganz schnell wie man geht xD

  2. I 100% agree !
    The posture is very very important in lolita, but in everyday life too :) When we see a pretty girl with the back hunched and the heels which bang the ground like elephants, the girl is not pretty at all ! So, I think it's very important to have a good posture, and also for men ^^'...