Feb 7, 2012

Impressions of Nuremberg

Hello sweethearts <3

Cuz I had some thinking to do and I can to that best if I am taking a walk I decided to visit the castle in Nuremberg...although it was around -20°C outside xD But after I got used to the cold it actually was a really nice trip to the castle with sunshine and many new precious memories ^.^
Frauenkirche in Nuremberg <3

"Beautiful Fountain" - it really is called that way xDD
If you make a wish while turning that ring it will come legend says. I believe ;) After turning the ring I got the job I wanted ^o^
In the shadows xDDD
Nürnberg castle <3
View over Nuremberg - Never thought I would miss that city so much xD"
Totally the wrong shoes to go up to Nuremberg Castle...way to steep hill x.x But these are my only warm boots matching the outfit xDDD
Kitty is sooooo cute <3


  1. Nürnberg ist wirklich schön **

    1. Jaaaaa *O* Ich werde die Stadt so vermissen jetzt wo ich bald umziehe *hach*