Feb 6, 2012

Time flies and Meet-Up~

Hello my sweeties <3

OMG~ the first month of 2012 is already really felt like time flew by xD And I have to say this month was really packed with many new things. I finally got a job and the best thing about it is that I can use my Japanese. I am really happy about that. Work is starting next week and I have to move to Stuttgart for that. I am really really excited and anxious at the same time but I think everything will go well ^.^

We also had our monthly meet-up this weekend. This time we went to an auction house where a friend of ours is working. Although I didn't find anything interesting it was really nice to see all the antique stuff and jewelery. If I would have had enough money I definitely would have bidden on some antique furniture but as I didn't start my job yet I was patient and didn't bid on anything at all XD After the auction house we went to have coffee and tea. This time we skipped the photoshoot because it was waaaaaaaayyyy to cold to do it outside and the cafe itself was pretty dark ^^" But nonetheless I got around to take some pictures of my outfit...this time I tried Hime Lolita for the first time. What do you think? Big hair is big XDDD
OP: Baby ~ Blouse/Cardi: Bodyline ~ Shoes: Secret Shop ~ Socks: AP ~ Accessories: Chocomint, H&M, Claire's

I used 2 hairpieces for my big hair this some point my head really hurt xD
Latte Macchiato and awesome chocolate cake :3


  1. Wow, das outfit ist so schön! Ich glaube es ist einer deiner besten!!^^

    1. Danke ^///^ Hab mich diesmal mit den Haaren an was anderes gewagt xD

  2. Wahh ich will genau dieses baby op haben in mint! es ist sooo schön <3

    1. ^.^ Das OP ist echt toll...leider ist es nur ausgeliehen gewesen ^^" Aber bei CC findet man das sicher mal wieder *daumen drückt*