Feb 15, 2012

New Start...sort of ;)

Hello my sweeties <3

I am so sorry for not posting for such a long time but I was rather busy with packing all my stuff for moving to Stuttgart on Sunday...and as I also started working on Monday and everything was pretty overwhelming I didn't get the time to update this blog. But I finally made some time to at least upload some pictures I have taken during the last days ^.^ So~ enough of the talk and on to the pictures (excuse my weird English but I am just to tired in the evening to produce decent sentences xDDD).

Last Friday I met up with two friends from university to celebrate my new job and their graduation. We went to a bar/restaurant called Leons in Nürnberg. They have awesome cocktails and even better salads :3
The decoration on the cocktails is so great <3

*om nom nom*
On Sunday I finally went to Stuttgart and moved into my temporary apartment. It is not really big and it reminds me of my dorm rooms but it is enough for the first two months ^^v

The first three days of my new job are over and I am slowly getting used to everything. Although I think that it still will take some time to get everything what I have to do I really like the people at my work and the atmosphere is really great there ^^
Awesome view on Stuttgart <3 On my way home from the bus stop ^^
 And here is a picture I took on Saturday when I was still in Nürnberg ^^
The river was was pretty cold last weekend...around -20*C...and now we have 4*C again...snow is nearly gone xD


  1. Wow! The river is so cool! Maybe you can skate on it!

    1. It is ^^ But I don't think you're allowed to skate there...unfortunately ;)

  2. Die Wohnung schreit IKEA. xD

    Schön, dass es Dir in dem Job gefällt. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Du dann auch Rechnungen schreibst.
    Wir machen ja dann im Endeffekt fast das Gleiche. ^^

    1. Stimmt xDDD Ist halt praktisch und funktional~

      Joa~ dass ich so viel Rechnungen schreiben werde, wusst ich auch net xD Werd auch weit weniger Japanisch verwenden können als erhofft aber nun gut...mal schauen wann ich dann mit allem durchsteige xD