Oct 3, 2012

Leipzig Zoo

Hello sweeties <3

I am finally coming around on posting pictures from the greatest Zoo in Germany *hahahaha* After around 5 years I finally had the chance to go to the Zoo in leipzig again and it was so, so, so great *O* Especially now that the latest attraction the "Gondwana Land" (some kind of tropical forest) has opened. Today I really won't talk much...I'd rather have the pictures talk for themselves ;)
In front of the entrance to "Gondwana Land"...BEARS <3 <3 <3

Soooo cute :3 They let them run free inside the Gondwana-Land-Dome (thingy) <3
 Hahaha~ I mainly took pictures in Gondwana-Land as it was so amazing *_* It really felt like jungle...felt like being transported to the jungles of Asia :)
 The Giraffes were so cute *waaaaaiii*
 King Timon xD So every time I visit the Zoo in Leipzig I can't wait to see these cute fellows ^^
 Cute as hell <3 <3 <3
 Welcome to Asia *hehehe*
 And we are in Australia now xD them although the smell was rather...breathtaking xD
 And I found this cute fellow...cause Pandas are awesome *yay* It hopefully lives a happy life in Belgium now :)

So, do you like to go to the zoo?

Good Night sweeties <3

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