Oct 5, 2012

What's it called? K...duh~

Hello my sweeties <3

So many posts in my head that I want to do...and I am not doing them because I am rather posting about some new anime I discovered ^^" But I honestly will come around to post the other stuff as well...I promise ^^

So, what is this new anime? As the title of this post suggests it is called K...I don't know yet why it is called that way as only the first episode has been released so far but from what I can tell it is set in another, lets call it dimension where psychics seem to rule the world xD and is about a guy called Yashiro Isana, or just Shiro, who doesn't think of anything bad while walking the streets and suddenly is attacked (in the most stylish way) by some dangerous looking guys. I love the style and the character design...I squee-ed and fangirled the whole episode, so many bishônen <3 All in all it seems like a crazy mix of Code Geass and Durarara...and I love both anime *all thumbs up for that*

So, what anime are you watching at the moment? Can you suggest good ones that I really should watch?
<3 <3 <3
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