Oct 12, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

I seriousely spend to much time on the internet xD Every day I find something new that catches my interest. This time I want to share an awesome homepage with you. It is called Westwing and it is a site where you can find cute or stylish designer furniture and interior things for up to 70% off. I think this is a pretty good deal.

Especially the sale called "Rustikales Landhaus", that is on now, makes my heart beat faster...the things are so adorable...if only I had the space to put everything *hahaha* Not to speak the money ^^"

Image taken from
I love the shabby chic style soooo much <3

So, how do you like your home to look? Do you like shabby chic or some really edgy design stuff? What does your room look like?

Hope you have a nice day~


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