Oct 11, 2012

Lovelyshoes ~some kind of review~

Hello my sweeties <3

Yesterday I finally received my package from Lovelyshoes *yay* I would have received it faster if not for customs but well, I finally got my new supercute shoes (and bag xD) and am really excited to show you the stuff ^^

I am really pleased with what I got, the only downside is that the shipping costs were really high x.x I bought stuff for around 40€ and shipping was also 40€...but I think if you would only buy one pair of shoes the cost won't be that high. As my package was pretty "heavy" I had to pay a bit more ^^"

So first, lets start with the booties~
These are so adorable and luckily they fit *yay* The plushy details are soooooo soft <3 They are pretty much true to the size given on the hopmepage, so thumbs-up for that :) The quality is what I expected it to be as I only paid around 15EUR for them. It is not superhigh quality but it is okay for the price.

The bootleg folded down. I don't know why it stands up in that weird fashion but I hope it will flatten out after some days O.o
And you can also fold the bootleg up. I think this way it looks a bit more "mature" and it keeps your legs a bit warmer than the ankleboot version ;)

The place where the heel and the she meet doesn't seem to sturdy but for my use it will suffice...I got what I paid for so I am really pleased with these :)

Second, the supercute pink Pumps...and these are actually my favourites out of the things I got. Quality is same as above, there are some slight scratches from the packaging, that was okay, but could have been, points go down for that. The shoes are supercomfy although they are pretty high and they are also true to size *thumbs up* The color is so beautiful and the little bows in the front are also sooo cute <3 And they make your legs look gorgeous :3
Pure Cuteness :3 I love them so much and can't wait to wear them out *_*

Last but not least: The bag :3 Not much to say about that though, it is what I expected, the color is like seen on the homepage and the size is really great...not to big and not to small - just right for shopping or going out with friends ^^
Also comes with a longer strap to wear it over the shoulder *thumbs up*

The inside also looks really adorable...and it is super roomy ^^b Don't think that it has so much space if you just look at it from the outside...*thumbs up again*


Lovelyshoes gets 4/5 points from me, because the shipping is quite expensive and the packaging could have been better. I would buy at there store again at anytime :) I think Lovelyshoes is a great place to get cute and cheap shoes for an okay quality ^^b

Hope you have a nice day, thanks for reading  ^-^

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