Oct 1, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3

Woohoo~ another post...well, last week was so busy I didn't even had the time to properly think about my blog ^^" But the stress a work finally seems to have gone down *fingers crossed* And I have many things to tell you~ For example about my trip to the Zoo in Leipzig and a little "time travel" of mine ;) Buuuut  before I tell you about that I want to show you some things I got at the weekend <3

Awesome ankleboots bought at a shop called Pera. ...I think this shop somehow belongs to New Look *haha*

I desperately needed a new Coat...and found thsi awesome baby at New Yorker <3 It is really comfy and I plan on wearing it with Lolita also ^^

Well...actually I didn't plan on buying yet another jacket (New Look) but this one was just too cute *O* It is so fluffy and comfy...I plan on wearing it with black shorts and my new my mind that looks great...what do you think?

 As the wigs I bought at ebay are getting all ratty I needed new ones and my shop of trust for wigs is Lockshop :3 Already got my pink wig from there and now I bought the one called Angelic Honey *points up* and the Soft Curls Black and as usual I am amazed by the quality for the price <3

I am still waiting for two dresses and belts I ordered at ebay to arrive at my place and of course I am waiting for my Lovely Shoes-Order...hope I'll receive that soon :3 Can't wait to wear all my cute stuff out *haha*

Well~ these were my latest shopping excapades ^^" Now I am gonna watch Devil May Cry...Love for Dante <3

Love and Kisses~


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    1. Und man kann ihn zu Lolita aber auch "normal" anziehen ^^

  2. Du weißt dass das der Mantel ist, den ich in schwarz und weiß letztes Jahr gekauft hab? xD

    1. Ist mir dann als ich denn Fellkragen abmontiert habe auch aufgefallen xD Mit Fell schaut der so anders aus *haha* Haben halt beide nen guten Geschmack ;)