Oct 6, 2012

A new design, the Bodyshop and other gets~

Hello my sweeties <3

Yes, this is no illusion...I redesigned my Blog yet again as I was not really satisfied with the design before. It was cute I think and I liked it but it wasn't me. As I was (and still am) reading "The Night Circus" I wanted my design to resemble the dark atmosphere of the book but in the end it just wasn't me. So, yesterday I decided that it is time to change that and this is the design I came up with ^-^ And I think it is really me but this time I held it pretty simple. The background is from The cutest blog on the block and the pattern on my header is from here. What do you think about the new (and hopefully final *haha*) design?

And as the title suggests I  bought something as well *hehe* This time I went to The Bodyshop <3 You can buy all kinds of creams, showergels, bodybutters, make-up and what-nots there and most of the things there are Fair Trade, which is totally awesome ^.^ I love their stuff soooooo much *_*

Here are my gets:
The peach and basil showergel from the line earth lovers, meaning "100% biodegradable shower gel". It smells so great. And second, the beautifying Oil "Chocomania". It smells like hot cocoa and a bar of the most delicious chocolate combined *_* I bought it for my scalp as my skin there is really irritated and it really helps a great deal <3 But you can also use it for your face and other body parts ^^ Also the oil comes in many aromas. I am definitely gonna buy more of those in the future <3

Furthermore, I also got the matching headbow to my Blooming Garden-JSK recently <3 Thanks to Ayin for reserving that for me on Closet Child ^^
It doesn't look that way in pictures but it is really really big O.O Don't know yet how I wanna wear it but anyways, it is so awesomely cute :3 I love the lace and the little ribbons on the side~

And last but not least I found this cutie at a toy store *hehe* 
It is a cute notepad from the brand (?) Topmodel - the line is Fantasy Model. Actually the brand Topmodel is for little girls so everything is really cute and princessy but from time to time you can find cute things for the higher ages as well ;)

So, what did you recently get? Do you have any tipps on where to get cute stuff that is not too expensive?

Have a nice Saturday~


  1. Ich mag dein neues Design lieber, das davor war mir ehrlich gesagt etwas zu dunkel :3
    Das passt jetzt besser ^___^

    1. Mir auch xD Deswegen hab ichs ja auch wieder geä hat es durch die Rauten immer noch was von Zirkus aber weils rosa ist, passt es besser zu mir ^^

  2. Hi Alice (^-^ )
    Etsy is a good place for cheap & cute things: