Oct 21, 2012

2. Swap and Buy

Hello again sweeties <3

Another week has past since my last post but the last week was really busy with work so I hope you forgive my absemce ;)

Yesterday, our Lolita Community had the second Swap Meet and for me it was a great success *yay* Although it wasn't as big as the last one I sold everything I brought with me *more yay* I also got myself something but as I am still contemplating where the money I got should go to I only got myself some small things ^^
I swapped one of my Dear Celine-JSKs against this cute Cutsew from Baby <3 Don't know how I will wear that yet but I figure something out eventually *haha*
Cute little crown...was about time I got one as I am a princess ;)
Me = Princess xD The crown is sooo cute :3
My Outfit for the Meet ^^
JSK: Innocent World - Blouse: Metamorphose - Socks: H&M - Shoes: An-tai-na - Necklace: Metamorphose - Roses: Claire's - Hairbow: Bijou Brigitte - Wig: Lockshop

Did your community also do a swap meet in the past? What do you think about it? In myopinion it is a great way to meet new people and get some really cute stuff that you actually can try on before buying...I think most times in Lolita Fashion it is hit or miss when buying online, you never know how something fits on actually trying it out before buying is really great in my opinion ^^

Thanks for reading *chuuu*