Oct 9, 2012

Craving for Bath and Bodyworks

Hello sweeties <3

source: amazon
Recently I have been following a lot of beauty vlogs (especially the one from hkitty1122 is really great, check it out <3) and on many of those the people were talking about a shop called Bath and I did a little research, found the online shop and to my disappointment they don't seem to send their stuff to Germany or Europe in general *sobs* But, I wouldn't be me if this would set me I looked on amazon and OH WONDER, there we have the possibility to buy stuff from Bath and Bodyworks *muahahahaha* My problem now is: What should I take to test it out? As I can't physically go to the store and indulge in all the fragrances I am at a loss *sighs* So, maybe you can help me decide ;) Cherry Blossom or Twilight Woods? What would you take?
source: amazon
 The design of the bottles is so great <3 I really want to try so many things from Bath and Bodyworks *sighs* Also want to try their candles and shower gels and...*sighs more* I think we seriousely need those shops in Germany *haha* ...and me saying that before I even tried it out might seem weird but from all the reviews on youtube it just gotta be AWESOME <3

Well, enough of my rambling about things that I don't really know anything about xD But maybe someone can help me out with the above "problem" ;) What do you think? Do you want to have Bath and Bodyworks in your country as well?

Thanks for reading ^^

Good Night and Sweet Dreams~


  1. I adore B&B! They have such great smelling products! I own a fair bit by them.

    1. I heard on so mayn vlogs that they are awesome but unfortunately here in Germany we don't have B&B *sad* So I can't go and test it out before buying ^^"