Oct 4, 2012

A travel back in time

Hello sweeties <3

You might think "What? Another post? So soon?"...well, as I have some inspiration and time in my hands I am just going to post the last part of my holiday adventures now...before I will be gone in the shadows for another two weeks...well hopefully not...but anywayson to the post XD

On my last Friday of my holidays (21.09.) I met up with a friend from highschool...we FINALLY, after three years of never getting a date that suited as both, we met up to catch up on stuff, shop (I will make a post about what I got that day later...hopefully ^^") and talk about the good old times...that day kinda made me feel really really homesick and wish back the good old times without too many worries...buhuut thats not gonna happen and well, my life now is not as bad either. Only sometimes you wish for the old times to return and just be a rather stupid teen again (makes me sound so old, that I am not XDD)

Pandapillow *O* I want that sooooo much...but didn't have the money for that *sobs* Well, maybe Santa hears me and gets one for me *hehehe*
 Castle Wildeck...during school days me and my friends would often go to the little park there during our lunchbreak and just chat.
 If you follow that way you reach the house were my grandparents lived while I was at school...I would often stay at their place as it was only a 10 minutes walk to school (instead of 30 minutes with bus from my parents place xD)
 I don't think this bench is actually used by anyone as it is on a bridge near the main street but I walked by it on my way to school from my grandparents great deal nostalgia to that *haha*
 And another cute corner of the town filled with tons of memories...and I am feeling a little homesick again already xD"

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