Apr 26, 2013

Japan Day 3 - Kyoto my love

Hello sweeties <3

And I finally sorted out the pictures for Day 3 *hahaha* Although work was not that busy this week I didn't come around doing much in the evening...maybe I am far more jetlagged than I thought I'd be xD" Well, here goes Day 3 <3

On Tuesday (April 9th) we went to Kyoto. We planned to visit the city two days as there are so many sights worth visiting. On our first day there we visited Níjo-castle, found a nice shrine while searching for it and later went to the Nishiki market and Pontocho. And believe it or not, while searching for the Nishiki market, which is one of the biggest markets to get frish fish and vegetables in Japan, we found the Metamorphose-Store *yay us* In the evening we also went up to Kiyomizudera but unfortunately it was closed to the public already *sighs* Again this was a day full of walking, my blisters got least that is how it felt xD But still it was totally worth it...although we came to late to go inside Kiyomizudera T^T

Kyoto Station is sooooo awesome <3 Compared to other train stations in Japan it is really big and you don't feel like it is cramped into the place ^^"
Cute little shrine I don't know the name of xD" We were directed there by a really nice old man who was so fascinated that I can speak Japanese ^^"
Still some cherryblossoms left <3
This time around the weather was great while I visited Nijo-castle *yay*
Look who we met at Nishiki market ;) I think there is a company in Japan only making these gigantic moving crabs for restaurants xD
We found Meta xD
...and Pontocho <3
The way up to Kyomizudera...our feet hurt pretty much already but the scenery was so worth it *O*
The front porch xD
These umbrellas were really cute *_* The cherry blossoms appeared after contact with water :)

And here is my Outfit for Kyoto:
Shirt/Shorts/Leggings: H&M - Camisole: J.Honeys - Shoes: Deichmann - Necklace: Meta - Belt Ebay - Cardigan: C&A - Headbow: Fan+Friend

Aaaand what I bought :3
Socks for my Blooming Garden and a beret that I love to death *_*

Stay 4 is coming soon ;)



  1. Awwww, so much beautiful pictures (´ ▽`).。o♡ I'm so glad you had nice weather there!

    "frish fish" totally made my day, hun! You're so cute! (^v^)

    1. It was much more beautiful in real life *O* I so wanna go back to Japan *-* It only rained two times during our whole trip and also just short showers *haha*

      Well...that was a freudian typo? Or not? *dun dun dun*

  2. Wow, da sieht es so hübschi aus *-*
    Und sag mal, hast du abgenommen?!

    1. Es ist auch soooo schön dort *hach*
      Also mein Maßband sagt ich habe an der Taille bissle was verloren...was die Waage sagt weiß ich net wiel ich keine habe xD

    2. Auf jeden Fall siehst du schon erkenntlich schlanker aus!! ^^

  3. Ich mag auch so tolles Wetter haben >.< Aber der Regenschirm ist ja mal saucool *___* *haben mag* Sowas tolles gibts hier ja mal wieder nicht, typisch -.-''

    1. Jetzt ist das Wetter in Japan auch wieder voll schlecht xD Ja, der Schirm ist toll...aber war echt sperrig, deswegen hab ich ihn net mitgenommen ^^"