Apr 1, 2013

March favourites - Part 2 Random

Hello sweeties <3

...and here is part two of my March favourites :3

Once upon a time *O*
Totally love that show...started watching it in March and well, ended watching it in March...was totally hooked on it~

Fairy Tail *O* Sadly for now episode 175 is the last one as the anime caught up to the manga T^T But I think stopping here for now instead of putting in fillers is far better...would be weird to have fillers now anyways O.o Btw. love the song "Against Magic"

Milka Crispello à la Vanille Pudding <3 <3 <3 Can eat one pack of those at once ^^" Soooo delicious~

Strawberries in every form xD as soon as I spotted the first ones at the grocery store I HAD to get some~
I just love strawberries~

My favourite outfit this month :3 Although it was just something rather makeshift I really liked it <3

What are your March favourites?

Have a nice day~


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