Apr 2, 2013

Fancy Dress Up Sunday - Pink Forest Fairy

Hello sweeties <3

As I didn't do much on Easter Sunday and was even to lazy to go out I decided it was time for another instalment of Fancy Dress Up Sunday ;) This time I was inspired by the following video to do something fairy like. Although my try is a lot more toned down and "normal" I think I caught the spirit of a fairy roaming the flowerfields in spring rather well...what do you think?

I love Charismastar...she is so gorgeous and her skills are plain AWESOME!

Excuse the quality...the sun was already setting and my camera isn't the strongest without natural light xD"

Dress: Together (This is actually the dress I wore to my civic initiation ceremony [Jugendweihe] 15 years ago...with the right accessories even an outdated dress like that can look nice xD)
Cardigan: Bodyline
Belt: some ebay shop I don't rememver ^^"
Shoes: Lovelyshoes
Wig: Lockshop
Hairband: Vanillas Traumfabrik

You can't really see it but i put some shimmery powder all over my face to make it look even lighter and give an otherworldly feel to it :)

I also tried a more summery approach but I like the first combination better :)
 Dress: Baby the Stars shine bright Pocket Embroidery <3
Even without a petticoat and a blouse this dress is I though it is really great as a summer dress ^^b

What did you do during Easter? Did you celebrate with your family?
I wish you a great start into this week <3



  1. Wow, das sieht so schön aus *-*

    1. Danke ^///^ Die Idee das alte Kleid in so nem Outfit zu verwursten kam mir mal auf dem Heimweg von der Arbeit *haha*

  2. Ich finde das weiße Kleid total schön und das Make up dazu auch! Wenn das Kleid 15 Jahre alt ist.... WIE ALT BIST DU?? Hab dich immer auf Mitte/Ende zwanzig geschätzt xD

    1. Danke :3

      Tjaha~ Ende 20 triffts ganz gut...sagen wir einfach ich werd dieses Jahr nicht zum ersten Mal 23 ;)