Aug 1, 2013

Soap & Glory Sale / DM-Haul

Hello sweeties <3

And again another haul...although I promised myself not to get any more beauty products this month I couldn't walk away from the below beauties *ahahaha* ^^"

One Ginger Morning Showergel from treaclemoon - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It has such a refreshing scent and also makes your skin feel really great after using it ^^b Go get it yourself <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Slimwear by Soap & Glory - To help against the dimpled skin at my legs...gotta fight against that...even though the effect might only be psychological *coughs*
For Daily Youth face serum by Soap & Glory - we are not getting younger here >>" And as it won't be sold that much longer at Douglas I got two bottles x"D
Loreal Nailpolish in Versailles Gold - ...well, the fangirl in me had to get it. Did not yet test it out but the color is a really nice warm bronzy gold tone ^^
Venen Gel N by dm - well, as my legs are pretty have during summer this gel should help...I will wait and see.

Now you might wonder what the mint nag is all about ;) At my local Douglas they put out Luckybags for only 4 EUR and as you know I can't say no to that xD Here is what I had inside...

Some samples, two Coupons for Douglas and -the main product- a bodylotion from LD Cosmetics. The original price would have been 10 EUR and I think I would have made a pretty good deal if I wouldn't have too many bodylotions and bodybutters already ^^" I will probably give this as a, who is in need of bodylotion? ;) I really like the little charme on the top though :)

Have a nice day everyone :3 Hope the sun is still with you ;)



  1. *meld* Deins von Bath&Bodyworks sollte bald leer sein. ;)

    1. Okay xD Dann bring ich dir das am WE mit~

  2. Jaja, die guten Vorsätze und so (^_~)*

    1. Ach, die sind eh schon lange ausm Fenster gesprungen bei mir xDDD