Aug 5, 2013

Classical Saturday

Hello sweeties <3

...and just now I noticed that I totally sound like River Song saying that all the time *haha* Doctor Who reference without even noticing it xD But anyways, on to the topic that is another awesome weekend with my girls :3 As the weather was really great we decided on holding our monthly meet-up at the Classic Open Air in Nuremberg. Before it even started we had a nice picnic with so much delicious food *om nom nom* Later some of us also decided to cool down for a bit and we went to Dutzendteich to have a little paddleboat adventure :) It was an awesome day as always ^.^
Paparazzi picture ;)
Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese~ XD

 My Summer Outfit :3
Socks: BTSSB
Hat: Karstadt
Shoes: Secret Shop
Belt: found on ebay
Accessories: H&M, Claire's, New Yorker

What did you do on the weekend? Hope yours was as great as mine~

Have a nice day everyone~



  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun - the food looks delicious *o* I really like the photo where you´re in front and in the background are two other lolitas <3

    1. We had and we missed you and Kerstin a lot T^T Hopefully we can meet again soon :3

  2. Hi^^

    Super Bilder :3 Und deine Laecheln is soo suess^//^
    Ich wuensche dir ne ganz tolle Woche !

    LG, Jade

    1. Awww~ vielen Dank für das Kompliment ^////^

      Wümsche dir auch eine super Woche...meine ist ja recht kurz :3 Fahre morgen zu meinen Eltern *yay*