Aug 28, 2013

Me and my castle~

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday Nezumi, Sam and myself decided to visit castle Ludwigsburg to take some pictures and later enjoy the fireworks near the Märchengarten. But shortly after noon we weren't so sure if the fireworks were really going to happen as heaven opened its gates and we thought we dressed up for nothing. Anyways we went to Ludwigsburg nonetheless and we were lucky *yay* The sun showed its face again shortly after we arrived and we were able to take some great shots :3

Nezumi lent me her Chess Chocolate JSK *O* I really really love that print <3 Actually I wanted to wear another Coord but when Nezumi asked if I wanted to wear Chess Chocolate I couldn't say now ^O^ I also tried another hairdo this time. I think it looks really cute and on top of that it is pretty easy to do :3 Will do another tutorial on that pretty soon ;)

 Don't I look perfect with the castle? ;) Castle Ludwigsburg is not as big as Versailles but i think as a summer residence it will suffice ;D *jk* We also visited Snow White and were nearly as beautiful as her...don't you think? ;)

 We found the frog king's well and found the ruins of Sleeping Beauty's castle~

In exchange for letting me wear her Chess Chocolate JSK I dressed up Nezumi in light blue with my Alice in Fun Fair-JSK. I think she looks pretty cute in lighter colors :3 

 Dreaming about my castle and prince in shining armour ;)

 The fireworks were really awesome *_* They set everything up at Rapunzels beautiful <3

Beautiful castle Ludwigsburg at night *_*

It was such a wonderful day with wonderful girls <3 <3 <3 Hope we can do that again soon~

Thank you for reading and have a nice day my dears~



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    1. ^///////^ Ohje~ ich werd ja ganz rot *ahahaha* Vielen Dank für das Kompliment~

  2. Du siehst toll aus <3

    Ich find mich in hellen Farben immernoch komisch XD

    1. Danke <3 Du schaust in hell aber aucg toll aus...ungewohnt aber süß :3

      Bist das halt selber net gewohnt ;)

    2. Musst mich halt öfter herrichten :P