Aug 14, 2013

I am in love with Modcloth~

Hello sweeties <3

Some months ago I heard about for the first time on various blogs but never really looked at the homepage itself as I thought the clothes etc would be to expensive for me but some days ago a friend of mine posted about the Sale that is going on right now on the homepage and I had another look at all the nice clothes...and as it always goes when I see a sale I had to order something. At first I was a little bit hesitant about ordering there as the shop is located in the US and I was affraid that the shipping costs would kill me but I "only" had to pay ariound 20 USD shipping from the US to Germany. Well, compared to shipping within Europe it still is expensive but in my opinion it was worth it :) But I think most of all you want to know what items I here you go~ [All the following pictures are taken from the modcloth-homepage - Links to the items are posted below ^.^]

 The Ethereal Thing Dress - This one remimds me of the ballet. Also the colors are directly taken from the rainbow :3 I think this dress is a modcloth exclusive ^^v
Since You Been Bonn - This dress reminded me of the Bavaria and the mountains...a really rustic dress from the brand Blutsgeschwister. Wanted to try something from that brand for a prettyb long time and this dress was a steal :3 I already have a Co-Ord in mind and can't wait to receive my order ^O^

 O Sparkly One Earrings - They called my name and I had to order them...I think they will be a perfect match to both dresses above but also to the dresses I already have in my closet :3
Display of Sunshine Necklace - a dear friend said taht it reminded her of Sailor Moon...and I have to agree. And as a big Sailor Moon Fan I couldn't leave the necklace in the shop xD

 Countryside by Side Blouse - I was looking for a blouse in mint for forever and modcloth heard my prayer *hahaha* I love the ruffles and can't wait to combine it with my dresses ^.^

I hope the items won't take to long to reach my place so I can play around with different Co-Ords and write a real review about my experience with Modcloth~

Did you already know the homepage? Have you ordered there before? What is your opinion on this homepage?

Have a nice day everyone <3



  1. I´m so happy you ordered the rainbow dress =D ! ha ha I had both of them on my wish list while browsing through the sales, the blue-one from the same reason as you =) I think everything will look perfect on you - I can´t wait for photos !

    I ordered a dress on a day when I posted about sales on FB and the dress arrived on Wednesday but it´s in customs D= now I have to go for it, I hope I won´t have to pay too much =/

    1. I was really contemplating about buying at modcloth for a pretty long time but I am happy I finally did :) Hopefully I can get my things really fast...can't wait to try everything on ^^

      Hope my parcel won't get caught in customs but I doubt my luck *haha*