Oct 16, 2013

BTSSB - 星すむ今宵のトロイメライ

Hello sweeties <3

I still have to sort out all the pictures from the Innocent World Teaparty and my weekend in Vienna so my report about that still has to wait. To bridge the time until than I want to show you the newest print from BTSSB.
 The print shows a winter wonderland with a Christmasmarket and many people strolling around. The scenery reminds me of Chrsimas stories and fairytales. I can't wait for Christmastime to start *_* Love that print~

 I love the Onepiece *O* If I had the money right now I would buy it on the spot...the collar is so lovely *_* Also the sleeves are gorgeous *sighs*

 There are two JSK versions. I think they are both really pretty but I like the secons version I tiny bit better because of all the little details.

 Headbow and Bonnet...I really should try out a Bonnet once more. Really love this one but I am affraid that Bonnets won't ever suit me ^^"

 Skirt, Tights and Barretta. Although I am not a skirt person I really like the little details on the skirt. Also the tights are pretty cute as well :3

What is your opinion on this print? Yay or Nay?

Have a nice evening ^^



  1. AWWWW~ sind die alle schoen. Wenn ich mich fuer etwas entscheiden muesste, also ganz spontan, dann waere es das blaue Kleid ^__^
    Aber das erste Kleid ist auch soooo schoen :D
    Ich bin sicher es wuerde unglaublich gut an dir aussehen ^.^///

    LG, Jade

    1. Der Print ist sooo genial *O* Hätte ich momentan Geld über würde ich mir den sofort holen...leider hab ich aber erst auf der Teaparty ein Kleid erlegt *seufz* Aber naja...irgendwann *muahahahahaha*


  2. wow, so beautiful! *__* I really want this! Christmas time is my favourite time in the whole year <3 I'm always waiting for this! >w<

    1. It really is *_* But unfortunately I already bought so many dresses and now I can't really afford that one *sighs* But sometime in the future *muahahahaha*

  3. Oooooh.... ich glaub das ist der allererste Print von Baby, der mich total aus den Schuhen haut!
    Der ist so wunderschön!!! ;O;
    Mir gefällt das OP wirklich verdammt gut wie schon lange kein Brand-Kleid mehr!
    Oh Gott ich muss es haben >_<
    Ich will glaubig gar nicht wissen was es kostet....
    Aber ich werde es anlieben, vllt habe ich es irgendwann! *-*