Oct 7, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and thank god that my working week is only three days *yay* On Thursday we are travelling to Vienna to attend the Innocent World Teaparty and to do some sightseeing in Vienna *muahahahaha* But it is not Thursday yet and I need to post 7 great things that happened this week :3

1. Finally got a new camera. After many weeks of contemplating I got myself the Canon EOS 600D *O* Yesterday I tried it out all around my room with the help of Benjamin Jaworskyj  His tutorials are really awesome and I somewhat understand my camera now *yay* ^^b

I experimented with different focus and stuff. I think it came out pretty decent. Only thing I edited in gimp is the black/white. What do you think?

2. Met Nezumi in Stuttgart and we had a really great time doing some shopping ^^

3. Watched Dirty Dancing for the millionth time and still loving every bit of it. Sometimes I do need some kitsch in my life ;)

4. Redecorated my room...yep, for me this is something great and fun *haha*

5. Got an account on Lacebook - Lolita Fashion Snaps :3

6. Created a lookbook-account and had the courage to post my first outfit there :3 If you also have a lookbook I would be glad if you could send me a message so I can follow you :)

 Click on the pic to get to my profile :)

7. Had a short week because of German Unification Day :3

How was your week? Hope you had a good start into this one ^^



  1. waah a cute Outfit pic! I#m sure you get followers on lookbook pretty fast! and the photo with your new camera looks good! *-*

  2. Yay welcome to Lookbook =) !
    I need to find some more informations about this Lacebook thing - it´s everywhere o_o !

    1. Thank you :3 And thanks for following me <3
      Well, we still have some codes left so if you want we can invite you ;)