Oct 28, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Gosh~ these last weeks have been so exhausting for me...not only was I sick [well, still am a bit xD] but I also seem to have had to much time on my hands to think and thus depression hit me pretty hard...but I finally got myself out of this deep pit with the help of my awesome friends and the great things that happened this week ^O^

1. Jupiter are coming to Germany next year and my cute Nezumi and myself will definitely go see their life *O* When I heard about the tour - thanks to Emilie Lynn <3 - I went into hyperfangirl mode *squeals* Can't wait to see them <3 <3 <3

2. Had a great time at Sam's birthday party with my lovely girls from Stuttgart :3

Sam and I at Tokyo Dining ^o^

3. Watched Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst... ... ...again xD I just love this movie so so so much. The dresses are soooooo gorgeous *O*

4. Wore a lolita dress that wasn't any kind of pastel color and didn't feel like the derpiest derp in the whole world...I have to say I liked it pretty much and want darker dresses in my wardrobe now *hahaha*

Thanks to my dear Nezumi for lending me the dress <3 <3 <3

JSK/Headbow/OTK: AATP (End of Immortal Eden)
Cardigan: Bodyline
Shoes: Nu Kawaii
Blouse: ebay-find
Roses: Claire's
Wig: Lockshop

5. Got complimented on my legs *fufufufu* As I actually think that my legs are way to fat and bulky from time to time it is nice to hear them complimented :3

6. Had a nice photoshoot at the palace grounds of Ludwigsburg castle - hopefully I get the pics soon so I can show them to you :3

7. Listened to Jupiter's song "Nostalgie" nearly all week round and got my spirits back on track because of that ;)

Hope you had a nice start into this week <3

Have a nice evening~



  1. Hey Alice :D

    Ach. Ich mag das gar nicht hoeren, wenn du depri bist :'( Obwohl ich dich voll verstehen kann.. Ich hab das naemlich auch oefter mal ||Orz.. Ich weiss, es ist leichter gesagt als getan, aber jopf hoch. Immer hoch^o^
    Du bist ne gaaaanz Suesse und Liebe! Jawoll!!

    Ich finde das dunkle Kleid steht dir toll ^.^ Sieht huebsch aus ;)

    Alles Liebe,

    1. Hiho :)

      Ach, mir gehts ja schon wieder besser *knuddel* Die letzten Wochen waren nur einfach ziemlich anstrengend was mein Seelenleben angeht ^^" Es geht immer wieder Berg auf...was anderes erlaub ich mir ja gar net ;)

      Danke <3 *knuddel*

      Ich brauche mehr dunkle Kleider *haha* Mal schauen wann mein Geldbeutel das wieder zulässt *haha* ^^"

  2. Lass dich nicht unter kriegen und tritt den Depriphasen in den Hintern! Ich weiß, man sagt das immer so einfach, aber Kopf hoch! Don't be a prisoner of your own mind. ;)

    Aber sonst klingt das nach einer schönen Woche und ich finde auch, dass dir dunklere Farben toll stehen. ^^

    1. Ja, das versuch ich immer wieder aber manchmal isses net einfach x"D Aber hey, es kann nur besser werden ^^b

      Danke <3