Oct 21, 2013

Short trip to Vienna Part 1 - Sighseeing

Hello sweeties <3

sorry for my lack of post during the last week but as I got myself a cold I didn't have the energy to post about my trip to Vienna and the Innocent World Teaparty...also I was too hooked up in American Horror Story so yeah *coughs* But here it finally is, the long awaited (not ;D) post xDD

Nicki and myself started at 7 am on Thursday and soon after we hit the road we were struck with the misfortune called traffic jam. We wanted to pick up Deddi at her dorms 7:30 am but as no one is able to drive around here instead of 30 minutes we needed 90 to finally pick her up. After that the drive was pretty okay, some traffic jams here and there, some crazy people who don't know how to drive but in the end we reached Vienna and the hostel at around 4 pm. There the next shock awaited me, the dress I actually wanted to wear for the teaparty had a blueberry stain which to this day I don't know where it came from T^T Fortunately I had two outfits planned and I only was slightly depressed x"D In the evening we didn't do that much, we only went to eat something and then to bed as the day was really exhausting.

On Friday we went to Schönbrunn and there misfortune struck again ;) The weather forecast promised great weather and what did we get? Rain >.< So we skipped taking pictures in the garden and directly went inside the castele to have a auditour which was really interesting. The only downpoint was that there were sooooo many people inside @@ 
After we finished the tour we used the chance of 10 minutes without reain and took some pics ^^v

Emergency Outfit for sightseeing ;)
Blouse/Shoes/Skirt/Cardigan: Bodyline - Bag: Innocent World - Collar/Hat: H&M - Accessories: Claire's

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

As the "good" weather didn't stay with us and the rain started again we decided it was time to go to Cafe Süssi to warn up and have some delicious treats :3

The most delicious tea and dessert I have ever tasted and the interior of the place was so gorgeous *_* Why can't we have places like that around here? *sighs*

After we warmed up and chatted a little we went out into the cold again. Koo-chan and I decided we wanted to see some more of Vienna despite the rain...but this is where misfortune struck another time. Heavens gates opened and we decided to go back to the hostel first, get some warm and dry clothes and try again ^^b The second try was much better and we did some shopping and had the best Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn EVER *O*

So, this was part one of my short trip...I will post a seperate entry about the teaparty because otherwise the post will be wayyyyyy to long xD

See you in the next post :3



  1. oooh beautiful pictures! your outfit was wonderful!

    1. Thank you :) I want to go back to Vienna so badly T^T

  2. Das Bild im Cafe ist voll süß, wie eine Puppe :D