Oct 21, 2013

Short Trip to Vienna Part 2 - Innocent World Teaparty

Hello sweeties <3

As promised here is the report about the Innocent World Teaparty...FINALLY!!! xD You can't imagine how excited I was for this event. I was planning my outfit nearly 2 months in advance, I was so nervous that I would look dull or out of place and the night before I even modified the roses on my hat so they looked fancier. I still was pretty nervous when we reached the venue but after I saw all the pretty girls in their pretty dresses I forgot to be nervous because I didn't know where to look first *hahaha* Also the hotel where the event was held was so pretty...a perfect match for a teaparty *_*

picture taken by MeFotografie - Freitagsgass1, 98617Meiningen,

I don't really know how to start with the report about the event as everything was new to me and the impressions came flooding in. Short after everybody was inside the fashion show started and it was the best lolita fashion show I have seen so far. The music was perfect and the choreography was really great as well...not to speak of the gorgeaous dresses *_* I also foudn myself another dream dress that hopefully I can get my hands on in the future :3

The models looked soooooo pretty *_*

After the fashion show we had some time to indulge in the delicious treats prepared for us. I loved the Sachercubes and the vegan Apfelstrudel <3 There was also the possibility to buy things from Innocent World and indie brands...although most of the IW items were already reserved and long gone but we still got our hands on a headbow *muahahaha*

After that there was also an unplugged concert of Lolita Komplex, a raffle and a Q&A with Innocent Worlds Fujiwara Yumi. It was really interesting to hear what inspires her and how she wants her brand to be seen by the world :)

And without me realizing it the 4 hours of the teaparty were over and I had the feeling I didn't talk enough with all the gorgeous and sweet girls. You looked so pretty! Every one had a different and unique outfit <3 <3 <3 It was great meeting all of you even if we didn't talk that much ^o^

OP: Innocent World - Blouse: ebay - Hat: Karstadt - Roses etc.: H&M, Claire's - Tights: Karstadt - Wig: Lockshop - Necklace: Accessorize - Boots: Secret Shop - Belt: ebay

With beautiful Cassiya <3 <3 <3

...and Elia <3 Best Ouji ever <3 <3 <3

picture taken by MeFotografie - Freitagsgass1, 98617Meiningen,
In the evening there also was a after party which we of course attended :3 But as we had to leave early on Sunday Morning we didn't stay too long.

All in all I have to say it was a really great event and I am glad I could be part of this. I want to thank the Austrian Lolitas for organizing a great event like that and for finally bringing Innocent World to Europe <3 <3 <3 You did a really great job!!! m(_._)m THANK YOU~

Thanks for reading my confused ramblings and have a nice day <3



  1. wow, super cute tea party! >w< I wish I could have been there too. ~ You looked really lovely in your outfit!

    1. It was so so so great <3 I am so happy that I could attend ^^
      Thank you <3

  2. Du sahst wirklich süß aus! Ich liebe Hüte zu Lolita!

    1. Danke ♥ Hüte sind toll und mal was anderes als die normale Headbow :3
      Du hast aber auch echt toll ausgeschaut :3