Oct 4, 2013

Style your wig - Winter Princess

Hello sweeties <3

Here comes another part of my style your wig-series. As always I would be happy to see my readers try out that style and maybe some of you also send me pictures ;) This time I had a princess in mind that is walking through the snow in winter. Huddled up in her warm clothes and still wearing a cute hairstyle. I also put together a Co-Ord matching that hairstyle but unfortunately my camera didn't want to take good pictures of that *sighs* Definitely need a better camera *gnah* But enough complaining - let's start the tutorial :3
This is what you will get :3

...btw. I am definitely thinking about getting contact lenses now. I really like my glasses but sometimes no glasses might be nice as well :3
You need:
Roses [as always *haha*], Clip-Ins in your favourite color, a small tiara as we are trying a princess-style, Pearlnecklace, Bobby pins and of course a wig brush/tangle teezer and...
...a wig obviousely ;) You can also do this with your own hair as always but as you know that my hair is think like babyhair I need to use wigs all the time :)
How to get the look:
 Split the wig in the middle like on the picture so you get two equal parts. Don't forget to brush the wig from time to time. After parting the wig, put the necklace on top and pin it in place...don't to it to thourough as you might have to adjust it again in the end ^^

Now put on the clip-ins on each side and after you have done that, take a small part of both wig and clip-in in the front and part it from the rest of the hair.

Put up strands of hair like that, you can decide how thick or thin each strand should the end it should look something like teh 2nd picture. You probably need to fluff up the hair so the bobby pins are covered ;)

At the end put in the roses or other accessories you chose and don't forget the tiara...and hope that your result doesn't look as wonky as mine ;) Also note that it could take some time to get it right on your will probably need more bobby pins to secure it after you put it least I did ^^"

And now enjoy your day as a cute princess :3
Have a nice evening my cuties <3


  1. Wow, it really looks beautiful! *__*

    1. Thank you...but I have to admit that it took me a while to get it right xD

  2. Awwwwww! You... so beautiful ^o^
    Wow, I love to see this style on you! Awww~ I love you :))))
    Du siehst wirklich, wirklich huebsch und zuckersuess aus! Kannst du mir glauben.

    LG, Jade


    1. Danke *O* Wenn du so weitermachst glaub ich es irgendwann selbst...ich = Selbstbewusstsein 0

      Wünsche dir nen schönen Abend <3

  3. Das sieht wirklich toll aus <3 Kann ich mir in ner anderen Farbe auch gut zu Goth vorstellen :) Werde ich mir mal merken ;)

    1. Danke :3 Dazu braucht man aber echt viel geduld xD Ja, für Goth ist das bestimmt auch net schlecht ^^