Oct 8, 2013

New Baby ;)

Hello sweeties <3

This weekend I finally decided to do it! I bought a Canon EOS 600D and I am loving it. To celebrate it I have to show you the camera in all it's glory *_* Also I took some comparison pictures with my digital camera. Obviousely the Canon 600D is far better but it is interesting to see what difference a camera makes. I am still testing out all the settings and I will probably annoy the hell out of people in Vienna when trying to get a grip on my camera but so far it is really fun to work with it and it isn't that hard to understand the main settings. Most important things for using a DSLR are the ISO, aperture and hutter speed. I am using the camera on the manual setting all the time as, honestly, I am to stupid for the other settings...shouldn't it be the other way around? O.o" Anyways~ you will probably see many random camera post from me in the near future xD

This is my baby :3 What should I call him?

I am glad that I got the cam with a foldable display ^^b Thanks to EmilieLynn for the advise on that <3 <3 <3

Here are some pictures I randomly took that I think came out pretty well...I know that I still have to learn pretty much but I think  for a start the pics aren't as bad x"D

I love to play with the focus of the camera...something that you can't really do with a digital camera. Loving it *ngahahaha* As I don't have kittycats I only can test my skills on inanimate objects *haha*

This picture was actually overexposed but in interaction with my white roller blind and the sunlight from behind this came out [I know I should dust him but I am affraid to break something off >>"]...I like it pretty much, what do you think?

Comparison old vs. new cam. I tried to use equal settings. Of course the digicam (left) has not so many settings like the Canon EOS but as I said before I like to see how the same things look different with different levels of cameras :)

Do you have a DSLR? Can you give me any tipps on how to take better pictures and improve my skills? Would be really grateful for any tipps <3

Have a nice evening~



  1. Replies
    1. It really is *O* I already love it to death :3

  2. Now you need a cat to take many cute pictures xD Canon cams are very easy to use for beginners, so nice choice! (*^^*)b Have fun with it and take much pictures of our girls <3

    1. Well, I need two kittycats because one would be lonely if I am not at home xD And the choice wasn't actually mine because Koo-chan's cam is the exact same me thinks...and I already knew how to handle a as soon as I saw the cam I knew I had to buy it *fufufufu* And I sure will take maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany pictures and annoy the hell out of everyone xDDD *chuuuuuuu*

  3. toll ^^ ich will auch endlich eine gute camera...

    1. Ich liebe sie *O* Momentan ist gerade diese Kamera auch recht günstig ^^

  4. Awww. :3 Toll, ich freu mich für dich. <3 Ich weiß, was das für ein tolles Gefühl ist. Noch viel Spaß beim weiter ausprobieren. ;)
    Meine nächste wird wahrscheinlich die 700D. :3

    1. Danke <3 ich liebe mein Baby...mag es gar net mehr weggeben *hach*