May 5, 2013

Japan Day 9 - Dazaifu

Hello sweeties <3

Sorry for the short break but I was really busy with work and preparing for Hanami that I did not come around to post about my Japantrip ^^" Sorry *bows* Well, where were we? So, it is Day 9, we only had 5 days left, we were still enjoying our time in Fukuoka but actually had no plan what to do next *haha* So we spontaneousely decided to visit Dazaifu, a town full of historic sites near Fukuoka...that I never actually heard of and was pleasently surprised about :) But have a look <3
The bull is the heraldic animal of the famous Dazaifu Tenman-gu.

The weather was really really great that day and again beautiful scenery wherever I ponted my camera ;)
This is supposedly one of teh most famous stone gardens in Japan...correct me if I am wrong xD In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful and serene places in Japan ^o^
...and a good place to rest your feet after a long day of walking xD
After coming back to Fukuoka we went to the famous mall called Canal is one of the biggest malls in Japan and it felt like another city inside the city...a place where you can easily get lost *haha*
And as our hotel was at the beach we also went to the it was pretty cold we only took some pictures and went back to have dinner.

Shirt: Liz Lisa - Shorts: H&M - Socks: Baby the Stars shine bright - Shoes: ABC Market - Headband: Claire's

Have a nice evening <3



  1. Replies
    1. It was really great there :) I didn't wanna leave the garden because it was so beautiful xD

  2. Aww, Das LL-Shirt steht dir auch total gut <3 Sehr hübsch *Flausch*
    Die Mall sieht ja hübsch aus. Wenn man da nicht totgedrückt wird, wäre das sicherlich ein Platz, an dem man sehr schön shoppen kann ^^