May 16, 2013

Sleek - Oh so special / Lagoon

Hello sweeties <3

After months and months of contemplating and watching youtube reviews I finally bought my first two sleek pallets. I ordered them at Shades of Pink for only 9,99 EUR each and I am totally impressed. I bought the "Oh so special" and the "Lagoon" Pallet from the Aqua Collection Limited Edition. You can get the Oh so special-palette in the normal product line, the Lagoon pallet you can still get here :) 

The pallets come in cardbordboxes. Each with a different design.

The actual design of the pallets is rather plain. Everytime I want to use them I get confused which pallet is the right one x"D...lucky for me the limited edition has the name written in the corner *haha*

After opening the pallet, which takes like forever...I seriousely broke two of my nails while trying to open the paletts for the first time X.x At least they are sturdy but honestly it is really hard to open them >.< But anyways, after opening the pallets you find a plastic sheet with the names of the colors on it :)
TOP: Oh so special
BOTTOM: Lagoon

I already used the Lagoon pallet before realizing that I may want to do some kind of review *ehehehe* ^^"

Oh so special swatches:
Bow - Organza - Ribbon - Gift Basket - Glitz - Celebrate
Pamper - Gateau - The Mail - Boxed - Wrapped Up - Noir
Lagoon swatches:
Sassea - Deep Water - Reflection - Emerald - Oyster - Black Pearl
Pink Jewel - Sand Dollar - Underworld - Seashell - Nightsky - Ariel
I love the colors in both pallets, you can create so many different looks :) The pigmentation is really great for the price and the colors are really vibrant on your lid. I have worn colors from each pallet already and I have to say they didn't crease on me even after wearing them for a whole day. I either used Maybelline Color Tattoos or the Essence Eye Primer as base and the result was the same with both *thumbs up*

If you don't want to spend your money on eyeshadow paletts from Urban Decay, The Balm or whatever brand you can think of the Sleek paletts are a great alternative in my opinion :) Five stars from me~


Have a nice evening everyone <3