May 7, 2013

Japan Day 12 - Asakusa

Hello sweeties <3

We are nearly finished ;) Only 2 days left to report about *sad face* But I have other posts planned so don't worry you won't be stuck with me rambling about Japan forever. There is still a favourites post, some reviews and a Con report waiting for you *haha* ^^" But first things first ;) On day 12 of our Japantrip we went to Asakusa to get trampled by all the tourists X.x Seriousely the Kaminarimon in Asakusa is the most frequented sight in all of Japan...well, except for the Kinkakuji maybe. After seeing the shrine that this time wasn't rebuild we soon went to see the Hanayashiki amusement park - the oldest and tiniest amusement park in Japan. It was like diving into cute and somewhat twisted at the same time *hahaha* If you ever visit Tokyo you definitely have to go there *O* Later we went to Asakusa Kitchen Town and I finally found the appropriate Bentoboxes for Schelli <3 In the evening our little group split up and I went to Tokyo station to buy some books...well, at first I got lost in Akiba and than I went to Tokyo station xD

I want a postbox with a panda on it NOW *_* Special post box at Hanayashiki park <3 <3 <3

Pikachuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3
Pandamobil <3 <3 <3

We only saw the Skytree from afar as you have to buy your ticket in advance and still wait in line for forever xD"
We met interesting fellows in Kitchentown ;)

Om nom looks soooo real *_*
Interesting Fake-Food Art ;)
I finally reached Tokyo station xDDD

 Everything is H&M (yep, I really like their things xD) except the shoes, they are Bodyline, and Meta Necklace :)

Only one day left to report abou, so stay tuned~

Have a nice day everyone <3



  1. Pikapiii <3 Wie süß *g* Und die Bank sieht toll aus *haben will*
    Das Fake-Essen find ich aber bissl strange .. wer braucht schon nen ganzen Schinken O.o??

    1. So schauts aus :3 Die Bänke da waren so toll *_*

      Naja, der Metzger kann da nen ganzen Schinken anpreisen ohne nen echten da ins fenster zu packen...oder so XD